Top 10 Dishes and Street Food Places in Delhi


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

The cited quote probably best suits a person, who doesn’t eat just to meet up his /her gastronomic needs; on the contrary, he/she thoroughly enjoys being a foodie.

Delhi, the capital city may be best defined as the place of dilwallahs (big hearts) or a place of cultural rides. Besides its imperial significance and historic monuments, a blend of lip-smacking street food and top notch restaurants are two such enticing things that stand out for the Delhiites. This post highlights the top 10 scrumptious food that you must eat in Delhi. If you’ve already been to some of these delicious street food places in Delhi, you can say that you are a hardcore foodie. But if you are still not able to make it happen, this post is going to enrich your gastronomic desire manifold.

Let’s find out the top 10 famous dishes of Delhi that you must try:




If you love parantha and haven’t tried it once at paranthe wali gali, you can’t claim to be a parantha lover. In Delhi, you will find countless small and big stalls selling variety of paranthas. But Paranthe wali gali is specialised in severing an unmatched delight of paranthas for the parantha buffs. Over the periods of time, paranthe wali gali has served variety of paranthas to some of the eminent personalities like Prime Minister Nehru and Maharajah of Kashmir. Even today, starting from a college goer to a corporate associate, this place is considered as the favourite food hub for all. On entering the paranthe wali gali, you get to spot several shops selling a diverse range of paranthas. According to your preference of taste, you may have a solid stuffing or a plain parantha. In addition, one may also try here the solid stuffing paranthas of eggs, potatoes, keema, cauliflower, dal, radish and bananas.

Location: Chandni Chowk, Delhi

# Chaat


chaat in delhi

Looking for authentic chat taste? Look no further than Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar at Chandni Chowk. Chaat is one of the preferred street food choices amongst Delhiites. Akin to paranthas, Chandni Chowk is equally frequented by large number of Chaat lovers. Unmatched taste of platters is something that crowns Chandni Chowk as the Street Food Capital of Delhi. Apart from Chaat, some other popular local street foods that one must try around the location are gobi muttar samosas, Tikki and Dahi Bhalle. The charges are really pocket-friendly and its unmatched taste will leave you absolutely packed.

Locations: Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh



famous pakode in delhi

Delicious street food is undoubtedly ticking the food taste of the city to a large extent. Most of us often imagine a drenched morning with plate full of hot pakodas and a cup of tea next to us. Even frosty winter of the city sometimes drive us miles for munching on pakodas. If you are one of those pakoda lovers, do pay a visit to Khandani Pakode wala at Sarojini Nagar. This place is eminent as the paradise of pakode. A blend of crispy Paneer and bread pakoda along with lip-smacking chutneys add more spice to the glee of a hardcore foodie. And guess what, you won’t have to make a hole in your wallet to taste these finest pakodas here.

Location: Sarojini Nagar

#Chole Bhature


famous Chole Bhature in delhi

This is one of the must-try in Delhi’s top 10 luscious street dishes. In the words of Delhi’s hardcore foodies, chole bhature can best be relished on empty stomach accompanied by a glass full of lassi. The duo of spicy chole and puff up bhature can be the best stuff to start your day with. There are numbers of restaurants and food stalls across the busy roads of Delhi where chole bhature is severed as the preferred menu on breakfast. If you are still in the quest of some finest chole bhature stalls in Delhi, look no further than Paharganj and Kamla Nagar. The taste of the duo goes more luscious with shreds of paneer that you get to taste at these locations.

Locations: Sitaram Diwan Chand at Paharganj and Chache Di Hatti at Kamla Nagar

# Chole Kulcha


famous Chole Kulcha in delhi

Another popular street food dish that one must try in Delhi is Chole Kulcha. Likewise chole bhature, this dish is also served in plenty of food stalls in the street of Delhi. Kulcha is basically a bun or bread kind of stuff, which is served with boiled choley pouring some spices on it. In Delhi, there are several Kulcha stalls where you may try some delectable Amritsari Kulcha and chole. This dish can thoroughly be savoured on breakfast. If you want to try some of the luscious Chole Kulchas in Delhi, you may visit the places like Lotan Kulche Wala in Chawri Bazaar, Ratan Lal Chole Kulche Wala in Old Rajinder Nagar, Kanshi Ram in Naraina and Banta Ke Mashoor Chhole Kulche in Rohini (Sector-7A). In addition, there are many other popular Kulche Walas as well that you may find in the places like Janpath, Kamla Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Sarojini Nagar and Connaught Place.

Locations: Chawri Bazaar, Rohini, Old Rajinder Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Connaught Place, Sarojini Nagar, Kamla Nagar and Naraina.



momos at delhi

The food chart of Delhi also enlists the popular Tibetan platters of momos. Keeping in mind the accelerating craze for momos in the capital, this food stuff is reckoned as the most popular snacks that you find in the streets of Delhi. Starting from corporate complexes to the tiny stalls near schools and colleges, momo lovers can be spotted all around the city. The softness of momos taste more mouth-watering when you try the first bite of it with fiery-red sauce. More the spice, grater is the relish. Along with steamed momos, fried and chicken momos are equally a must take during the cocktail parties. By paying a pocket-friendly amount of INR 10 to INR 50, you can get this amazing Tibetan snack served at most of the momo stalls in Delhi. But if you want to experience the best of it, pay a visit to the places like at Majnu ka Tila, Lajpat Nagar Market and Sikkim House. If you still not had it from any of these locations, you must visit there once and taste the yummy blend of red sauce and white momo. 

Locations: The Dolma Aunty Momo in Lajpat Nagar Market, Majnu ka Tila, Kamla Nagar Market, Nagaland Food Stall in Dilli Haat



Shawarma at Al-Bake

The list of top 10 things to eat in Delhi remains incomplete unless you try the scrumptious Shawarma in the capital city. Shawarma is basically a roll, which is stuffed with chicken, paneer and vegetables and served hot with chutney, cucumber, tomato and pickled turnips. Depending on the place you visit, the price of Shawarma may vary.

While taking about Shawarma, one name that strikes our mind first is Al-Bake. If you happen to be there in the evening, don’t get surprised with the pile of customers. People flock here from different parts of the city and wait here for long hours for their turn. Visiting Al-Bake at Friends Colony Market during afternoon may be a smart thing to execute for a Shawarma lover. If you are lucky, you may find some space for you.

Location: Al-Bake at New Friends Colony Market, Delhi.



popular Rolls in delhi

Rolls, probably one such street food dish, which is more popular among the Bongs. If you had it in Kolkata, then you must try it once in Delhi for sure. There are varieties of rolls like egg rolls, chicken rolls, paneer rolls and veg-rolls. Despite being a popular food stuff from Bengal, over the time, Delhi has its own scrumptious variants for this amazing street food. A fully stuffed solid Kathi roll will leave you no further hungry at least for hours. Today, rolls are quite popular in many street stalls and restaurants in Delhi. Some of the eminent names in this list are Khan Chacha, Nizam’s and Qureshi’s. So, if you haven’t tried this amazing street food in Delhi, make it happen without a second thought.

Locations: South Extension-II, Khan Market and Connaught Place

#Desserts at Delhi


Desserts at Delhi

Food is well relished when you finish it well; and nothing could be a better finisher than desserts. There is a common saying “Khaane ke baad kuch meetha ho jaye”, and this statement absolutely suits a person who is a hardcore foodie. In a city like Delhi, there are number of small and big chains stores of sweets offering you a diverse range of desserts like pastry, custard apple, kulfi, cake, Jalebi, ladoo and much more. Some of the big sized ladoos made of desi ghee add more glee to food habits of Delhiites. Jalebiwala, Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfiwala and Big Chill Cafe are few other sweet items in this list.

Locations: Chandni Chowk and Khan Market



Paans at Chandni Chowk

Red lips are not always gender specific. If you are a true paan enthusiast, you get to admit this. Likewise its rich variety of street food, Chandni Chowk area of Delhi is equally an enticing location for all paan lovers. Starting from ice paan to chocolate paan, you will find here multi-flavoured paans. It is believed that having a piece of paan after the meal improves digestion. On the other hand, there are many people to whom having paan is habitual. So, whatever the reason is, Delhi is laid out with several paan stalls across the city. And when it comes to step into the best place, look no further than Chandni Chowk.

 Locations: Prince’s Paan & Chaat Corner at Chandni Chowk

Now you get to know the places where to head and for which dishes. These are the top ten dishes and street food places in Delhi. However, the list doesn’t confined to the above cited places and platters. Until you satiate your taste buds in these streets food places, we will come up with some other food corners and popular restaurants in Delhi.


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