Top 5 Fine Dining In India

Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants in India

While visiting India, make sure to visit these restaurants which have been rated as one of best places to eat. Definitely worth a visit for all food lovers.

1. Indian Accent, New Delhi  Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian accent is one the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi. They serve contemporary modern Indian cuisines with acclaimed Indian chef Manish Mehrotra at the helm. With an awesome décor but with a room for only 45 guests, Indian Accent provides an intimate experience to diners.

To get the best of what’s on offer, order the Chef’s Tasting Menu consisting of 12 flawlessly executed dishes paired with wine. Make sure you make reservations well in advance.

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Indian-Accent, New Delhi

Indian-Accent, New Delhi

2. Peshawri, Mumbai

Peshawri, Mumbai is a popular fine dining restaurant at the ITC Maratha near Mumbai airport.

Peshawri is the ITC’s signature North-West Frontier cuisine restaurant.The menu is well known and has a wide range of dishes, including kebabs cooked in tandoor. The décor is rustic and rugged and they use earthenware crockery, copper pots and urns to serve food. The menus are printed on blocks of wood. You can also watch your dishes being prepared in the open kitchen.

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3. Bukhara, New Delhi

Bukhara restaurant is a popular brand name. It is well known all over the world and has won an extensive number of awards. Ranked among the world’s best restaurants, it has achieved a cult status since opening 25 years ago.

It attracts its clientele for not only its food but also for its rustic atmosphere – open fronted kitchen, and delectable Northwest Frontier tandoori cuisine. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have also dined here!

A restaurant for meat lovers, reservations are must.

Website :

Bukhara, New Delhi

Bukhara, New Delhi

4. Villa Maya, Trivandrum

Villa Maya, Trivandrum is a restaurant in a restored 18th century Dutch manor that was associated with the royal house of Travancore. Its unique and contemporary décor matches its traditional cuisine.

The cuisine reflects the history of the place as Trivandrum was the center of the spice trade for over 3,000 years. Be sure to enjoy and open up to new kinds of delicacies at this restaurant. Make your reservation in advance. It is recommended to order the specialties at this place.

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5. Dakshin, Chennai

Dakshin, Chennai is another of the ITC hotel chain’s signature south Indian restaurant. It is located at the Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers in Chennai and the décor here is inspired by the culture and temples of South India.

The dishes are distinct and are a huge draw among food lovers. They use distinct spices and herbs which is unique to the Tamil Nadu cuisine, thus making it one of the best Indian restaurants to eat.

There are many subtly flavored meat and fish dishes on the menu that provide a range of tastes seldom sampled outside home. A highlight of the restaurant is the Iyer’s Trolley, a live trolley named after Chef Paramasivam Iyer, filled with special delicacies. Live  Carnatic music plays at the restaurant every day.

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