Top Five Haunted places in Kolkata

Top 5 Haunted places in Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy inhabits numerous centuries old architecture and mysterious monuments since the British Rule. The capital city is visited by copious travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Age old constructions, traditional bridge and cultural affluence made Kolkata as one of the favourite tourist destinations in India. However, the dark side of the city is several horrendous spooky tales that are associated with those age old constructions. Despite being known for its religious significance, the city has also been a mysterious attraction for its haunted places, black magic practices and paranormal activities.

Kolkata is laid out with several such horrifying destinations visiting where will goosebump your presence. Most of spooky tales associated with these places are spread by word-of-mouth; and it is hard to claim the person who has first experienced the darker side of the city. On enquiring about the existence of such ghost spirit around city, you may experience mixed responses from the people of Kolkata. You may find people opposing such tales with their scientific reasoning, while some people may start sharing their individual experiences as well. Whatever the response or beliefs are you just can’t ignore it. Be it in your city or outside, knowing about any haunted places and spooky tales drags everyone’s attention to a large extent. From horror movies to ghost stories, people enjoy the thrill of exploring such horrifying spirit of existence.

If you are residing in Kolkata and in quest of revealing such black spirit alone, just hold your breath. The city has no dearth of such mystifying places. Here are the top five haunted places in Kolkata that you may try revealing alone:

1. National Library of India

Venue: Belvedere Rd, Block-A, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

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National Library of India

Yes, you read it right. Best known for its diverse array of books, Kolkata’s National Library used to be the abode of former Governor General during the British period. It is said that Lady Metcalfe (governor’s better half) was a book worm and she was very particular about cleanliness. Till date her soul roams around the library rooms, and she makes one feel her presence when a person doesn’t keep a book in the same place it was taken from. There are many such horrifying tales go with this exotic library of Kolkata. According to many students and guard, after dusk Lady Metcalfe’s footsteps can be heard around the library. Some of them even saw her misty shadow on the library wall as well. Another creepy tale that dumbfounded the residents of Kolkata is discovery of a mysterious room in this 250 year old library construction. Before this mysterious exposure nobody knew about this room and there was no such option even to enter that room. So if you want to explore such eerie instances, visiting Kolkata’s National Library at late night may be the right time for you. If you get to discover anything new, do share with us.

2. Putulbari

Venue: SL Chatterjee St, Sarada Palli, Nimta, Kolkata, West Bengal 700049

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putulbari in kolkata

Dolls have always been one of the most preferred toys for little girls. But how about exploring a spooky house, which is named after dolls? Putulbari (House of Dolls) is a century old house and a popular haunted place in Kolkata, which was built in Roman architectural style. There was a time when Putulbari used to be the house of rich landlords of Bengal, who used to exploit the women inside this house. Today, this house is almost in its relics along with some dolls on stands. There are few people who still reside in this house, but none of them dares to scale the upper stories. According to nearby residents, some female screams and laughs are often heard from this haunted house. People don’t dare to enter this house even at day time. Scary ambience and age old spooky tales make Putulbari one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. If you hold a courageous heart, Putulbari is a must visit for you.

3. Howrah Bridge

Venue: Howrah, West Bengal 700001

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Howrah Bridge Kolkata

One of the significant landmarks of Kolkata is Howrah Bridge, which stands inert above the lively water flow of River Ganges. Well, this bridge is popular for some wrong reasons as well.  This iconic bridge of Kolkata witnesses countless death instances that take places due to suicide and accident. It is said that near Mullick and Zanana ghat wrestler who come here for practices often see faded hands waiving at them. According to them the unsatisfied souls of those suicide victims roam around river bank at late night and raise their hands seeking help. Visiting Howrah Bridge in the early morning hours (3AM) is quite horrific. Don’t dare to fall in the trap after seeing those hands asking your help.

4. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Venue:  Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd, Charu Market, Kalighat, Kolkata-700033

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rabindra sarobar metro station

If suicide instances under the Howrah Bridge stun you to a horrific extent, here’s one more popular suicide spot in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Around 80% suicide case of the city are reported to be committed here making this place the most haunted destination in the capital city of West Bengal. Once known as Dhakuria Lake, Rabindra Sarobar metro station is one of the busiest metro stations in south Kolkata today. Considering the accelerating suicide instances at this metro station, Rabindra Sarobar metro station is also referred as the Paradise of Suicide. Well, what make this destination spooky at late hour is happening of some paranormal activities by the dead souls. There are several unbelievable stories that go with this suicide Sarobar station. It is said that once the metro driver saw someone’s shadow running on the metro track, which wend fade suddenly. It is said that people have also seen peculiar shadows on the platform pillars, which alarms the existence of evil spirits around the station. Just image a scenario when you deboard the train and get accompanied by a pale shadow, which suddenly disappears on the go! Doesn’t it give you goosebumps? If No is the answer, you should pay a visit there at odd hours.

5. Hastings House

Venue: Raj Kiran Building, Alipore Rd, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

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Located at Alipore Road, Hastings House is another hunt for your spooky tales in the city of Kolkata. As the name suggests, this exotic building used to be the house of William Hastings, former Governor General of Bengal. It is said that the lost soul of William Hastings still roam around the house in search of a file that could have saved him from getting prosecuted in London. Saying is also that people have seen a man visiting this house riding a horse. Today, Hastings House is turned to a women college where students still get to hear some unusual sounds of footsteps. There is one more daunting story about Hastings House. Times back a boy has lost his life while playing football here. Since then his lost spirit haunts this age old house. It is also reported that after that appalling incident many people got terribly injured at this place while playing football. So it is advisable not to head towards this haunted house carrying a soccer ball with you. And for faint-hearted people, visiting this place is a big NO for sure.

Hastings House Kolkata

Well, the lists of haunted places in Kolkata are not confined to the above cited destinations. The more you explore the city, greater you plunge into the frightening tales of Kolkata. Besides these top five haunted places in Kolkata, you may also take the challenge further in unveiling many more similar spots across the city. On your courageous exploration of these five haunted places, you may step ahead revealing following:

  • Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat
  • Writer’s Building
  • South Park Street Cemetery
  • Kolkata Dockyard
  • Lower Circular Road Cemetery
  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club
  • Indian Museum
  • Old Radio Station (Behind St. John’s Church)
  • Tagore House
  • New Market
  • Clive House

Keep a tab on our posts, in coming days will be posting on some other haunted places in the city. Although it is quite hard to find the extent of genuineness behind these spooky tales, but there are many brave-hearts as well who keep exploring these destinations in search of the truth. If you are one of them, wish you a scare-free exploration.


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