Top 5 restaurants of Kolkata

Kolkata is a food lovers delight. It has a rich cuisine and serves some of the tastiest Indian dishes.

Here are some famous places where you can have both vegetarian and non- vegetarian fares.

1.Oh! Calcutta

One of the best restaurants for authentic Bengali cuisine, tourists can savor various dishes prepared from fish, which is freshly caught from the sea and rivers present there. Elegantly decorated with a fine-dining ambience, Oh! Calcutta is a wonderful place serving delectable Bengali dishes.


Do try the smoked boneless Hilsa and smoked Bhekti, which is marinated with mustard paste and green chillies and is then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. It is the in-house specialty and a Bengali delicacy.

Don’t leave the place without trying the famous ‘Mishti Doi’, a cult Bengali sweet. Also try the homemade date palm jaggery ice cream, famous among the diners for its excellent flavour.

Address: 10/3, Elgin Road, 4th Floor, Forum Mall, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020, India.

2.6 Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge Place is another noted restaurant in the landscape of the city. This is one place which has built a strong following for its authentic Bengali cuisine.

6 Ballygunge Place

It is housed in a 100-year old Bungalow decorated with pictures of old Kolkata. It has a lovely menu and wide range of vegetarian non- vegetarian dishes. Try the ‘kasha mangsho’, a traditional Bengali spicy mutton curry dish and the ‘daab chingri’, prawns cooked in mustard and cooked inside of a hollowed-out coconut!

Address: House No. 6, Ballygunge Place Rd, Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019, India.

3.Kewpie’s Kitchen

Kewpie’s traditional Bengali home ambience is something very unique about this place. It is headed by Chef Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta and is noted for its authentic home cooked Bengali food.


This place serves traditional Bengali cuisine including the ‘thali’ platter which is a mix of small dishes served in terracotta pots.

Address: 2, Elgin Lane, Behind Netaji Bhawan, Bhawanipur Kolkata, West Bengal 700020, India.

4.Arsalan Park Street

Arsalan Park Street is renowed for its delicious Mutton and Chicken Biryani. Their dishes have a unique Persian influence and is famous among the city’s gourmet lovers.

Arsalan Park Street

Touted as one of the best Biryani restaurants in Kolkata, you can also try Arsalan’s chicken chaap and its delicious array of Kebabs.

Address: 191, Park St, Beniapukur Kolkata, West Bengal 700017, India.

5.Nizam’s | Kolkata’s Kathi Roll King

You must have heard about the famous Kathi rolls of Kolkata. Try some of the best Kathi rolls at the Nizam’s, where it serves unique veg and non-veg rolls.


The roll here is a fried paratha packed with fried egg, spicy meats, onions and chillies, all of which is rolled up and served like a burrito. Even celebrity chef Rick Stein has called the Kathi roll ‘the perfect street food’.

Address: 23/24, Hogg Street, New Market Area, Kolkata.

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