Tourism in Mizoram

Mizoram, otherwise known as the land of blue mountains, is known for its pleasant magnificence. Standing reserved from the contiguous fields of Assam and the other neighboring states, Mizoram remains an intriguing area sharing more than one-third of its boundary with Bangladesh.


Mizoram is located in the northeast of India and is considered excellent by a lot of people because of its scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere. There have been numerous endeavors to expand income avenues through tourism, yet numerous potential voyagers discover the absence of courtesies to be an obstacle. Nonetheless, the state keeps on promoting itself and numerous activities have been launched to attract tourists.

The tourism service helps in the maintenance of  the state. Foreign visitors are obliged to acquire a ‘inner line license’ under the special permit before going there. The license can be obtained from Indian missions abroad for a pre-determined number of days or immediately from the Government authorities inside India.
Aizawl (Mizoram)Mizoram is sandwiched between the strong Himalayan foothills and Meghalaya. Aizawl is the capital of the state, spotted with curious timber houses and a bounty of flowers. Mizoram has an unending mixed bag of scenic beauty with rich vegetation, bunches of whispering pines and interesting villages with houses on stilts. The glimmering glory of its thick tropical timberland’s, verdant green paddy fields and splendid vineyards showcase the blessings that Mother Nature has given Mizoram.

Mizoram has a moderate and charming atmosphere during the day time and is an ideal place with a rich assortment of widely varied vegetation. Mizoram is honored with the most variegated sloping landscape in the eastern piece of India. The slopes are soaked and differentiated by waterways which stream either to the north or south, making profound canyons between the slope ranges. Nature has gifted Mizoram with various waterways like Tlawang, Sonai, and Karnafulli.

Mizoram is a treat for any visitor while going on the straight streets, coursing through the thick timberland’s and lively towns. Mizoram tourism has a lot to offer to devotees of nature. The state is developing as a major Eco-tourism and escapade tourism objective in Northeast India.

Lunglei- tourist place- Mizoram

One can choose to chill in the exquisite, nature crisp, characteristically cooled climate, comprehend the neighborhood society and method for living, absorb the peace and serenity and loosen up for some time.

The best time to visit Mizoram is between the months of October and March when the atmosphere is calm yet pleasant. Some of the best tourist attractions in Mizoram are Bung, Tamdil Lake, Kolasib, Lunglei, Sibuta lung, Pangzawal, Mangkahia lung, and Tomb of Vanhimailian.

Mizoram is one of the best state to visit and see the beautiful wildlife and landscapes that the state has to offer. One can also visit Mizoram during the season of festivities to make the stay better and more memorable.

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