Traditional Indian Tadka

Get ready for a gastronomical experience in India. The land has so much to offer in terms of colors, culture, religion, heritage and of course, the cuisines. The Indian cuisine is a delectable fusion of herbs and spices. India was one of the ancient routes for spice trade across the world. As you travel through different states in India, you will experience a sumptuous treat of lip-smacking flavors. You will probably need a lifetime to experience all the cuisines of India. However, you can try the popular ones.

North Indian and Mughlai Delightmughlai-food

Probably, one of the best mementos of the Mughal Dynasty has been the Mughlai cuisine. It boasts of royalty to say the least. The cuisine features a rich preparation of grilled tandoori food along with delectable spices. The popular dishes would be Chicken Tikka or the rich and creamy Butter Chicken. Since wheat is popular up north, do not forget to eat a wholesome variety of breads like the Tandoori Naan and Roti. The best places to savour Mughlai cuisine would be in Delhi and Punjab at various restaurants as well as street food joints.

South Indian Wonders

Tangy and fiery are the words that will come to your mind when you nibble the food down South. What is so distinct about South Indian cuisine is the use of rice, which forms the staple diet unlike north India. Along with rice, one can also taste various preparations of lentils and vegetables cooked in coconut milk and other peppery spices. South Indian food consists of Udipi, Malabar and Chettinad cuisines. Dosas and Idlis are the most popular food in India and all over the world. You will find dosas and idlis served all over South India.

Exotic Bengal

Bengali food is an exotic mix of sweet and spicy food, which mainly consists of seafood like the famous Hilsa fish and toothsome desserts like ‘Rosogolla’. Meat is an intrinsic part of the Bengali diet and therefore, you can find a number of dishes like Kebabs and Mutton Biryani served on a platter at various places in the east. You can also feast on street food, that includes the world-famous Kathi rolls and Kachoris. You will find this food mainly in Kolkata.

Khandvi-GujaratiRajasthani and Gujarati Traditional Treats

Rajasthan and Gujarat are centers of rich tradition and heritage. Hence, most of the food served in this region is vegetarian. Unlike other places in India, Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines are prepared in Ghee or clarified butter. It is high in calories but richer in taste. The most fitting example would be the Pav Bhaji. A bun layered with butter served with a mixture of mashed potatoes and vegetables cooked in a spicy red sauce. Rajasthani food is spicy while Gujarati food is mainly sweet. Gujarati food is also known for its snacks like fafadas and theplas, which are light and yummy. You can taste these food items all around Rajasthan and Gujarat, mainly in Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

Maharashtra and Coastal Food

Maharashtra is famous for its fast food snacks like Pani Puri, Raggada Pattice and Vada Pav. However, for the seafood lovers, there are plenty of places where you can savour fish and other seafood prepared with zesty spices. Gomantak is one such cuisine, which is a must-have for all die-hard seafood lovers. Mumbai is a great place to begin your search for some mouth-watering dishes.

So, the next time you think of traditional India, do not forget to taste some of these traditional cuisines of India.

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