Travelling to Orissa ? Make a stop at Balasore.

Balasore, the first major town in northern Odisha geographically, was once an important trading centre. Today Balasore is a great place for a seaside jaunt, boasting a generous expanse of wide sandy beaches and clean water for swimming.Here you can find relics of the colonial past scattered over many places, making it an ideal place for a great hangout with family and friends. It?s also within day-trip distance from Similipal National Park, and the exotic Chandipur Sea beach resort is just next door.

Best time to visit is from September to March. Carry Light cotton clothes  in summer and woolen clothes for the winter season. Major languages spoken in the place are Oriya, Hindi, English and Bengali.

Waterfall in Panchalingeswar, Balasore, Odisha

Waterfall in Panchalingeswar, Balasore, Odisha

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