Travelling to Tripura? Make sure to visit these Places

1. Neermahal

NeermahalGo and travel into Tripura’s rich history by visiting the Neermahal. It is Tripura’s most iconic building . The 1930 Neermahal, is a long, red-and-white water palace , empty, but shimmering in the lake of Rudra Sagar. Like its counterpart in Rajasthan’s Udaipur, this was a princely exercise in aesthetics; the finest craftsmen building a summer palace of luxury in a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. The delightful waterborne approach by speed boat (passenger/boat Rs. 15/300) or fancy rowboat (passenger/boat Rs. 15/75) is the most enjoyable part of visiting.

2. Tripura Sundari Mandir

When Sati’s toes fell on Kolkata, her divine right leg dropped on Matabari. This ancient legend is piously celebrated at the Tripura Sundari Mandir , a 1501 Kali temple where a steady stream of pilgrims make almost endless animal sacrifices to appease the gods.
Even more people come here at the big Diwali festival (October/November) to bathe in the fish-filled tank by the temple. The temple is 100m east of the NH44, 4km south of Udaipur.

3. Ujjayanta Palace

Agartala’s indisputable centre piece is this striking, dome-capped palace. Flanked by two large reflecting ponds, the whitewashed 1901 edifice was built by Tripura?s 182nd maharaja. Don’t miss this piece of history while you are there.

Tripura sundari mandir4. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit to see the local wildlife at Southern Tripura’s best known sights can be combined into a long day trip from Agartala. All transport passes the gates of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary , a local picnic and boating spot famous for its spectated monkeys. Make sure your camera’s working.

5. Jagannath Mandir

Of the four Hindu temples around the palace compound, the most beautiful  is Jagannath Mandir. Its massive sculptured portico leads into a complex with wedding-cake architecture painted in ice-cream sundae colours.

6. Tripura Government Museum

This small state-operated museum has a variety of tribal displays plus some interesting musical instruments made from bamboo. You will surely like the display there and get a taste of the rich culture of the state of Tripura.


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