Kasol in Sar Pass

Trip to Sar Pass

Himachal Pradesh is fully blessed with all kinds of tourist attractions and adventure sports. One of such attractions is the Sar Pass. Situated in parvati valley of Kullu , Himachal Pradesh, a state in India, Sar Valley is a marvelous spot. Embraced by snow- clad mountains, waterfalls, perennial streams and mesmerizing forests, Sar Pass offers tourists the pleasure to enjoy its endless beauty.

The Sar Pass Trek covers beauty spots like Tila Lotni, Kasol, Manikaran and Biskeri. In local dilect Sar’ means lake. While trekking from Tila Lotni to Biskari, people come across a small frozen lake (Sar). Thereby, getting its name Sar Pass.

Biskeri in Sar pass Trek

The snowy-peaked mountains offer endless delight to the eyes. Trekkers at Biskeri are fascinated by its beauty, wild flowers, sweet grass and variety of birds. Manikaran is famous for its hot springs. Taking a hot water bath in these springs is very rejuvenating. It is said that taking a bath in the spring water has a therapeutic effect on the body as the water here has healing properties. Manikaran transports one in a blissful state. Kasol is known for its cold climate and tall pine trees. Another spot called as Nagaru Thatch can be well called as the tiny Ice Land’ where the challenges of nature are in its full fury and the spine chilling cold nights give one the real trekker’s experience.

Sar Pass is popular for its challenging trails and is one of the difficult treks of  Himalaya in the Shivalik range. Youth Hostels Association of India organizes a trek every year in India. A batch of forty to fifty persons start each day from 1st to 31st May.

To reach Sar Pass, one has to go to Kasol base camp. Kasol is connected by road to Kullu via Bhunter. Buses also ply on this route. A trip to Sar Pass is truly a traveler’s paradise!

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