Tso Moriri Lake in Leh

Tso Moriri Lake, an enticing destination to explore when in Leh

Leh district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is quite popular for its picturesque vista, mountainous region and soothing ambience. Besides, there is one more attraction nestled in the Rupshu valley of Leh district, which is known as Tsomoriri Lake. The lake is located nearly 212Kms aloof the Leh district, which pulls plenty of tourists from various part of the globe. Tourists flock here to witness the scenic splendour in the lap of nature. Mountainous environs make this lake more popular as “Mountain Lake”.  The entire region is known for housing a large volume of Kiang, the largest of the wild asses.

Beauty of Tso Moriri Lake

If you are planning a trip to Tsomoriri, here’s what you need to know about the location:

Despite being a tiny region, the inhabitants of Rupshu valley are quite generous and religious by nature. Number of vivacious festivals like Dosmoche, Lohri and Hemis Festival are celebrated here with great gusto. People in this region mostly speak Dogri, Urdu and Hindi.


The climatic experience in Tsomoriri is quite enchanting throughout the calendar. The region witnesses the summer from June to August with maximum temperature of 29°C. The weather condition is very comfortable here during summer. However, the region doesn’t experience much rainfall as compared to other hill stations in India. Hence, one can’t expect intense monsoon in this region. However, the winter is extremely wintry here that starts in the month of November and lasts here till March. During winter, the temperature here drops well below -10°C blanketing the province with thick layers of snow.

Best time to visit

Tsomoriri Lake and its surrounding area can best be enjoyed if visited during summer i.e. from June to August.

Key attractions in and around Tsomoriri:

The beautiful landscape of Tsomoriri has the following attractions to behold:


Korzok monastery

In the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, one can witness number of people from the Lama community. Hence, observing Buddhist monasteries on the go is nothing outlandish for visitors. If you visit to the Rupshu valley, make sure to explore Korzok, which is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Situated on the western bank of the Tsomoriri Lake, the monastery houses an idol of Shakyamuni Buddha, which is believed to be nearly 300 years old. The monastery belongs to the Drupka Lineage, which is visited by plenty of Buddhist pilgrims and tourists across the year. Stepping inside the monastery plunges a visitor to a different level of theology. Besides, Matho and Spituk are two other worth visiting monasteries around the destination.


bird watching in Tso Moriri Lake

Tsomoriri Lake is a wonderful destination for birding allowing one to behold the endangered species of avifauna and various species of water birds like Brown-headed Gulls, Black-necked Cranes, Great Crested Grebeand Bar-headed Geese and Grebe Podiceps nigricollis. Besides witnessing numbers of global tourists, Tsomoriri also sees a good number of wild photographers.

#Wildlife Excursions

Kyang in Tsomoriri

Witnessing the wildlife in the midst of snow clad knoll is something very exhilarating. The region is an abode to many wild Kiangs, the Himalayan goats, grey wolve wildlife, Blue Sheep, lynx and leopard. Akin to birding, the lake region is also an exciting point of excision for wildlife photographers.  

#Shanti Stupa

If you are in quest of any tranquil destination where the Buddhist ideologies are preached, look no further than the Shanti Stupa in Leh. Located in the Changspa region, this Stupa is known as the peace pillar, which was founded by a Peace Sect’ of Japanese Buddhists. Shanti Stupa sees good number of Buddhist followers who visit here to learn the life tales of Lord Budhha.

Getting there

Nestled nearly 241Kms to the south eastern part of Leh, reaching Tsomoriri is not a matter of concern for travellers. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee being the nearest airport, it takes hardly 5-6 hours drive to get there in Tsomoriri from the airport. Though the flyers can’t expect here modern amenities, but the airport is well-connected to its adjoined destinations like Jammu, Chandigarh, Delhi and Srinagar.

For railway commuters, the nearest railhead is Srinagar Railway Station, which is located nearly 602Kms from the destination. Number of trains run there on regular basis from the places like Delhi, Manali and Keylong.

Apart from trains and flights, visitors can also get there by road. There are many adventure enthusiasts who enjoy getting there to Tsomoriri by bike through the remote Changtang region.

Places to stay

Tsomoriri Lake is frequented by plenty of travellers throughout the calendar. Hence, finding a decent accommodation near the place is not that challenging. The best place to reside during the voyage there is tent. In addition, there is a small guest house of PWD, which can also be a good staying option near the lake. However, if you are in quest of some decent resorts and hotels, Karzok would be the convenient location to visit by.

Tent house near Tso Moriri Lake

Travel pointers:

  • For bikers and people who wish to travel there by car, it is advisable to carry sufficient fuel. The nearest petrol pump is at Karu, which is nearly 206Kms from Tso Moriri.
  • Avoid getting there in winter as the climate is extremely cold and the roadway gets blocked due to intense snowfalls.
  • Try to carry enough cash or withdraw the required money from Leh. You won’t find any ATMs near Tso Moriri Lake.
  • Finding mobile network/signal is a real challenge for visitors when in Tso Moriri.
  • Even if you plan your trip in summer, don’t forget to carry light warm wear, as the gentle breeze around the region makes this place quite arctic.

Tsomoriri Lake is a must visit when in Leh. The eye-catching panorama around the site will leave you absolutely spellbound. Don’t forget to carry your HD camera so that the scenic exquisiteness of the location doesn’t get skipped. This is pretty certain that your soothing memories in Tsomoriri will tempt you to be there time and again. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Leh and explore Tsomoriri Lake along its captivating atmosphere.


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