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Visit Hassan, the Temple Architectural Capital of Karnataka and a Beautiful Weekend Destination near Bangalore

Situated around 185 Km from Bangalore, Hassan is a small and beautiful district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Known as one of the oldest towns in Karnataka, the rich culture of Hassan is explored by many travellers from Bangalore and many other adjoining cities. Besides its rich culture, a blend of mysterious temples and historic monuments turned this small town to an important weekend getaway near Bangalore.

According to the historic tale of Hassan, the city was set up way back in 11th century by the chieftain Channa Krishnappa Naik; and the city has been named after the name of Goddess Haasanamba. It is said that during 11th-13th centuries, Hassan was under the rule of Hoysala dynasty and several Belur and Halebid were constructed that time around Hassan.

A diverse range of fiction, inimitability and indigenous culture are the key tourist pullers in Hassan. If you happen to be there in Hassan, the best way to explore its rich heritage and surrounding temples is through public transports. Because of its prehistoric structures and monuments, Hassan is also known as the Temple Architectural Capital of Karnataka.

Getting into the cultural and pious sides of Hassan, presence of various temples indicates the spiritual beliefs and religious practices here. The inhabitants of Hassan are quite religious and numbers of festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm. One of the key events in Hassan is Hassan Fair, which is celebrated every year in the month of October and the fair is organised in the Hasanamba Temple. People flock here from various locations to witness this popular festival of Hassan. The official language here in Hassan is Kannada. In addition, Hindi and English are also understood in some of the hotels and resorts.

Apart from its religious and cultural side, one should also be aware of the food taste of Hassan. Being situated in the Karnataka state of India, Dosa idli, sambhar and vada are the popular South Indian cuisines that one must try here. In addition, coconut, fresh fruits and Filter coffee are also quite popular in Hassan.


The small town of Hassan is positioned at an elevation of nearly 930 m above sea level and the climate here is quite similar to the climate of Bangalore. Summer hits the region during April with maximum temperature of nearly 35°C. However, gentle wind during summer still makes Hassan a pleasant weekend destination near Bangalore. If you love rain, Hassan experiences an intense rainfall during monsoon making the place more soothing and comfortable for visitors. Moving ahead with the seasonal climate, winter encloses the city with minimum temperature of 13°C.

The best time to visit the town is from the month of October to March when the weather here is restful and enjoyable.

Places to Visit in Hassan:

Having depicted its rich culture and inimitability, following are the key attractions that one must visit while touring Hassan:

#Ramanathapura Temples

Situated around 50Km from Hassan, Ramanathapura Temple is a popular religious spot for the worshipers from South India. The best part of this temple is that you can explore many other holy shrines around the vicinity that are well-connected to each other through walking distance. This is the reason the place is also known as the “town of temples”.

Ramanathapura Temples hassan

Positioned on the bank of the river Cauvery, Ramanathapura Temple is visited by ample of devotees on regular basis. Before entering the temple complex people take a holy bath in the water of Cauvery River. The reason being, they believe that doing this will wash away all their sins. Devotees are also seen performing various rituals on the bank of the river Cauvery. Most of the footfalls here are noticed from December to January when the popular Rathotsava is celebrated in Hassan. Ramanathapura Temple is also eminent as “Dakshina Kaashi”.

# Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

# Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

An offbeat place to visit in Hassan is Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. After exploring various holy shrines around the district, visiting Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary may add more spice to your weekend voyage. Spread with an area of nearly 102 sq Km, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary houses a rich variety of wild species like Barking Deer, Elephant, Wild Pig, Mouse Deer, Jackal, Leopard, Mongoose, Indian Civet etc. The thick bush of Pushpagiri region also amazes the spectators with an array of endangered flora and colourful birds. Out and out, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute delight for people of all age.

#Shettyhalli Church

Situated around 22km away from Karnataka, Shettihalli Church is a popular site that you must explore near Hassan. The key attraction of this church is its Gothic architecture style, which was built by French missionaries in 1860. Shettihalli Church was constructed near the bank of the river Hemvathy. Moving ahead after a century, a dam called ‘Gorur’ was built near this church. Due to the construction of this dam every year the church gets inundated in the water during monsoon, which pulls number of visitors near the river to have a look at the half-submerged church.

Shettyhalli Church

If you happen to be there in the month of December, the emerging decor of the church will fascinate your presence to a large extent. This is the time when the water level surrounding the church gets retreated and the glorifying view of the church is revealed. For photographers, this is a must visit. To witness the submerged view of the church, July to August or October could be the best time for travellers.

Tips: Finding eatables is a scarce around the church. Hence, it is advisable to carry adequate food stuffs on the way.

#Hoysaleswara Temple

Having said the variety of temples and intensity of Hoysala architecture, this is an absolute blend of these two. Set up in reverence of Lord Shiva, Hoysaleswara Temple carries its existence since 12th century. It is said that the construction of this temple was affected to a great extent when the Halebidu was attacked by the Delhi Sultanate. Located in Halebidu, this temple showcases an array of structural design, culture and imprints of past.

Hoysaleswara Temple

The key attraction of this temple is its eye-catching sculptors on north and south entrance featuring a dancing image of Lord Ganesha. You can see around 240 similar sculptors inside the temple. There are four entrances to get in there. Apart from its arresting sculptors, the temple also attracts the visitors here through its sanctuary, which is specifically meant for the Lord Surya. When in Hoysaleswara, don’t miss the Garuda pillars, which are believed to be the bodyguards of ancient kings and queens.

#Shantaleswara Temple

Shantaleswara Temple

One more addition to your weekend trip to Hassan is the spectacular Shantaleswara Temple. As the name suggests, this temple was built dedicating to Lord Shantaleswara. The temple construction allures plenty of visitors with its startling embellishment and architectural brilliance. There is also a Shivalinga in the shrine. The key attraction here is the twin temples that are built close to each other dedicating to Lord Shantaleswara and Hoysaleswara. The twin temple has four entrances. There lies a towering idol of Lord Ganesha in front of the entrance. The stones used in the temple are of soft soapstone. Presence of astonishing sculptural masterpieces inside the temple fascinates all visitors to a great extent. Hence, during your weekend trip to Hassan, Shantaleswara Temple is a must visit.

#Kedareswara Temple

Kedareswara Temple

Situated around 30 Km away from Hassan, Kedareswara is a religious site for pilgrims. This temple was built in reverence of Lord Shiva. What overwhelms most of the travellers around the temple complex is its architectural brilliance. The carvings on the wall depict the epoch scenes from the Mahabharata, Bhagavata and the Ramayana. It took over 80 years to complete the craftsmanship in the entire temple complex. The best time to access this temple is from 10AM-5PM. However, while entering the temple you will be charged certain entry fee as well.

#Shri Ranganatha Temple

Shri Ranganatha Temple

Positioned on the Mavinakerre hill, Shri Ranganatha Temple is another quill to the terrain of Hassan district. The key attraction of this temple is an elevated statue of Lord Hanuman. The temple premise is dotted with picturesque landscape adding more serenity to its overall ambience. In addition, the contemporary style of decor inside the temple complex also grabs the attention of many visitors.


Shravanabelagola hassan

Nestled in the Channarayapatna taluk of Hassan district and around 50 km south-east of Hassan, Shravanabelagola is a popular pilgrimage for Jains hosting a giant statue of Lord Bahubali. There are two hills around Shravanabelagola namely; Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri. It is reported that since ancient times more than 800 inscriptions were found at Shravanabelagola. The name of this place is derived from a white pond situated in middle of the town. The surrounding areas of Shravanabelagola offer a great trekking trail for adventure lovers. However, for people who are unable to trek the steep terrain, provision of Dolis are also there. One of the phenomenal attractions of Shravanabelagola is that after every 12 years, the great Mahamastakabhisheka festival is celebrated here with great fervour.


Located nearly 14Km from Hassan, Mosale is a popular tourist attractions hosting twin temples of Nageshwara and Chennakeshava. In Chennakeshava, the key deity is Vishnu, which is visited by several Hindu worshipers. In addition, there is also a Shivalinga followed by an idol of Nandi (bull) in front of it. This Shivalinga is positioned on a star shaped podium, which is more than 847 years old.


Apart from roaming around various ancient shrines, Hassan is also a great place for shopping freaks. Some of the key items that you must purchase here are silk saris, souvenirs, ivory items, appealing artworks, sandalwood, incense sticks etc.

After spending a thriving time in and around Hassan, you may also plan for exploring some other attractions near Hassan. Some of the key weekend destinations near Hassan are coorg, Nandi Hills, Bhagamandala and Shimoga.

How to Go:

One of the popular weekend destinations near Bangalore, Hassan can be reached quite conveniently from different parts of the country. The place is not only connected to the people of Bangalore, but the people residing outside Karnataka are equally connected to this beautiful town of Hassan.

Let’s take a look at the key modes of commutation to reach Hassan:

By Air: The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport, which is situated around 187Km from Hassan. Bangalore Airport is in good touch with other major cities in India and overseas. Once your reach airport, hire a cab that will reach you till Hassan approximately in 3 hours.

hassan railway station

By Train: Number of trains are there making the distance between Bangalore and Hassan more convenient and curtailed. Situated nearly 2 Km reach from the main city, the nearest railhead is Hassan Railway Station. Some of the important trains that you can board from Bangalore to reach Hassan are Yesvantpur Junction Karwar Express, Karwar Express and Kannur Express. Depending on the train, the distance between these two places can be covered in 4-5 hours time. From the railway station you can hire a cab or a taxi to commute further in the city.

By Road: The road connectivity between Bangalore and Hassan is equally convenient. Regular buses are there from Bangalore taking you till Hassan in 3-4 hours time. In addition, you can hire a cab or book a private taxi to reach Hassan from Bangalore. The bus stand of Hassan is located nearly a kilometre from the city centre. Once you reach the bus stand take an auto-rickshaw to commute within the city.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

Looking for a comfortable stay in Hassan and that too in reasonable price range? The place has numbers of relaxing accommodations for you ranging from INR 450-INR 1300.

hotel in hassan

Some of the hotels that you may refer while holidaying in Hassan are:

#Kadamba Comforts

Near Malbar Gold and Diamonds, B M Road Hassan

Hassan, India 573201

#Shree Vara Residency

Opp : Pruthvi Threatre BM Road, Hassan

Hassan India 573201

#Hotel Raama

Opp. S D M Ayurvedic Hospital and College, B M Road,

Thanneeruhalla, Hassan, India 573201

#Hotel Suvarna Regency

No. 97, B.M. Road Hassan, India 573201

#Hotel Chiranth

Behind City Bus Stand Kasturba Road, Hassan

Hassan, India 573201

So what are you waiting for? Plan your short weekend trip to Hassan and explore the beautiful district of Karnataka filled with shrines, wildlife and splendid sculptures in and around the city. Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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