Visit Junagadh in Gujarat

Junagadh in Gujarat is a quaint town nestled among one of the most impressive topography in Gujarat. It is an ancient town with 2300 years of rich history behind it. The name Junagadh literally means ‘old fort’. Situated at the base of the holy Girnar Hills, the town was the seat of politics during the Indian partition. At the time of Partition, the Nawab of Junagadh opted to take his tiny state into Pakistan – a wildly unpopular decision as the inhabitants were predominantly Hindu, so the Nawab departed on his own. Junagadh is a good jumping-off point for seeing lions at Sasan Gir. It is also a popular market for gold and silver embroidery, perfume, and copper and brass vessels. It is the only place where wild Asiatic lions are still found in India.

How to travel to Junagadh in (Gujarat)

By plane

Rajkot is the nearest airport. One can get regular flights from Bombay to Rajkot. Junagarh is just two and half hours from Rajkot by road.

By train

The Junagarh railway station is well connected to all the major cities in India.

By car

  • Route from Ahmedabad to Junagarh: Approximate distance 336 km | Drive time about: 6.72 hrs
  • Route from Rajkot to Junagarh: Approximate distance 110 km | Drive time about: 2.2 hrs
  • Route from Vadodara to Junagarh: Approximate distance 400 km | Drive time about: 7 hrs

By bus

There are various state bus services to Junagarh from Porbandar (around 80 minute journey), Rajkot and Veraval (around 90 minute journey).

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