Visit Lucknow – The City of Nawabs

Lucknow is one of the most populous city in India. It is the capital city of  Uttar Pradesh. This city is known for its vibrancy. It is now one of the top ten metropolitan cities of India.

Places to Visit

1. Bara Imambra: It is also known as the “Bhool Bhulaiya” (labyrinth). It is an impressive and huge tomb.

Bara Imambara Lucknow

Bara Imambara Lucknow

2. The Chowk: To know more about the culture of Lucknow, you must visit this chowk. Lucknow is famous for its arts and handicrafts. One can see the “Chikan karai” work on cotton and silk clothes.

3. State museum: It is one of the oldest museum of Lucknow. This museum showcases the ancient national treasures and presents the culture and history of Lucknow.

4. Residency: It has a large collection of gardens. It is a well designed museum consisting of a scale model of original buildings.

5. Parijat tree: This is a tree which is available only in Lucknow. This tree never produces fruits or seeds itself. It is a unisex male tree. It has beautiful white colour flowers.

6. Clock Tower: This is a huge tower built by Nawab Nasir-ud-Din Haider. It also has a huge clock fitted on it. This clock costs the government around Rs. 1.75 Lakhs.

7. Rumi Darwaza: It is one of the most beautiful architectural structure in India. One who wants to know about the history, must come and visit this place.

Rumi Darwaza Lucknow

Language And Etiquette:

Lucknow usually follows Hindi and Urdu language. Lucknowites are still known for their polite and polished way of speaking which is noticed by the visitors to this city. Lucknawi andaaz and sophisticated attitude is followed up lucknowites which is a central part of attraction for all tourists.

Food Outlets:

1. Tunday kababi – Non-veg lover must visit this place. This is one of the best restaurants in Lucknow. Mughal food is the specialty of this place.

2. Moti Mahal – Your trip is incomplete without tasting the chat of this place.

3. Dastarkhwan – The kababs here are mouth watering. This restaurant is a real treat for non-veg lovers.

The shopping Areas in Lucknow are- Hazratganj, Janpath, Aminabad, and Chowk.

Festivals in Lucknow are very popular. This city also hosts the National Kite flying competition after Diwali. Lucknow attracts tourism with its Nawabi tradition, non-veg food and Lucknow Chikan work (embroidery) on Sari, Suits and Kurtis. Enjoy your tour to the City of Nawabs.

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