Every time you visit a place, you come with some bizarre reminiscences about that place. Tadoba National Park is unquestionably one such exhilarating place with no dearth of reminiscences that you can carry for long.

Whenever we plan to explore any National Park, some of the commonly striking names we count on the first go are Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. Apart from these distinguished names, there are many other vivacious National Parks in India that are quite offbeat and remains least visited. Located in the Chandrapur District, Tadoba National Park is one such name, which is the largest and oldest National Park in the state of Maharashtra. Let’s take a peep to this offbeat Park.

An Overview:

With an expanse of around 1727 Sq. Km areas, Tadoba National Park was created in 1955. The park is situated around 147Kms away from Nagpur and 45Kms away from Chandrapur. Since inception, the park has gradually gained its recognition across Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. However, with growing number of footfalls, Tadoba National Park has attained a new feat of attractiveness across several travellers.


There is an interesting tale behind the name of this National Park. It is said that this park was named after the God of tribal people Taru, who used to reside in the thick bush of Tadoba terrain in Maharashtra. According to local villagers, Taru was killed while fighting against a tiger. Consequently, a temple was built in honour of the God on the bank of Tadoba Lake under a massive tree. Today, Tadoba National Park is reckoned as the most beautiful Tiger Reserve in India. Because of its scenic exquisiteness, the park is also referred as the ‘Jewel of Vidharba’, which is a beautiful region in the north-eastern part of Maharashtra.

Best Time to Visit:

One of the most beautiful Tiger Reserves of India can best be revealed from January to March. This is the time when the climate is relatively favourable, and that time most of the animals can be seen at large number. In summer (April to June), the temperature here is quite hot and humid. During hot summer it is difficult to see the animals as they get themselves amidst silhouette in search of arctic sanctuary.

Monsoon hits the region during late June and lasts till September. If you visit Tadoba during monsoon, the vegetation comes alive and can best be revealed. However, the temperature continues to be hot till November. Winter touches the terrain in the month of December and it lasts here till February. Due to tropical atmosphere, you can’t expect here a freezing climate like various other places in North India. Nevertheless, the Park has plenty of attractions that can make your visit more exciting and full of delight. Let’s have a look into the key attractions in Tadoba National Park.

Key Attractions of Tadoba:

Tadoba National Park has no dearth of delights for nature lovers, animal lovers and adventure freaks. And without a second thought, the best attraction in this park is the presence of national animal of the country, i.e. Tiger. Let’s take a look into the key attractions of Tadoba:

#Blooming Flora

Flora in tadoba national park

This offbeat National Park boasts a diverse species of trees including bamboo and Teak. In addition, some other flora that can be observed here include Salai, Tendu, Chichwa, Surya, Beheda, Bel, Crepe Myrtle, Wodier Tree, Kusum, Dhawada, Hirda, Karaya Gum etc. Once you walk amidst lush bush, an array of vibrant species of trees will fascinate your presence to a large extent. The experience is exceptional and full of escapade. If you expect to reveal some more endangered flora in Tadoba, you must see the Axlewood Anogeissus Latifolia, which is fire-resistant species. Besides, some other colourful floras that are also found here include Arjun trees and Butea monosperma.

#Fearless Faunas

Birds at the Tadoba National Park

Visiting a National Park is futile unless you take a close view of some fearless animals. Tadoba National Park is the abode of large number of tigers. This is why the park is also famed as ‘The Land of Tigers’. Apart from observing some species of Bengal Tiger, Tadoba also houses many other wild animals including Indian Mouse Deer, Leopard, Crocodile, Indian Bison, Leopard, Spotted Cats, Four Horned Antelope, Hyenas, Spotted Deer, Gaurs, Blue bulls, Langoors, Wild Boars, Indian python etc. Exploring all such wild animals adds a new thrill to one’s visit to the Land of Tigers.

Besides, the park also boasts a diverse range of birds. After dusk variety of sounds from Asian Paradise, Gray Jungle Fowl, Grey-headed fishing eagle,Peacock, Golden Oriole, squirrel, Indian Civet and Ratel turn the overall ambience of the lush environs quite startling.

#Tadoba Lake

Tadoba Lake

The Land of Tigers is covered by some stunning places that you must explore. Tadoba Lake is one such attraction around the Park. This region can be visited from all other gateways excluding Kolsa, and Zharai, and the best time to visit this lake is from October to June. Tadoba Lake is a crucial water source for crocodiles and other wild creatures in the park region. This lake plays a role of buffer zone between the farmland and the thick woods of the park. Two more wetlands that come under this reserve are Andhari River and Kolsa Lake. At Tadoba Lake you can have a close vista of crocodiles and tigers. So, don’t forget to arrest some goosebump moments with your high resolution camera.

#Spectacular Jeep Safri

Safari at the Nationak Park

Nothing could be as thrilling as taking a close sight of fearless animals from a moving Jeep or an elephant. Be it of any forms, a Safari always adds a real ecstasy in one’s excursion amidst tropical forest. Tadoba National Park offers you a wonderful opportunity of spotting tigers through vehicle safari. At Tadoba Park, you can hire a Gypsy or use your private vehicle (additional charges applicable) for experiencing an exciting safari activity. Hiring a Gypsy will charge you INR 2,000/ vehicle. During the entire safari activity you will be accompanied by a local forest guide in return of additional charges of INR 300. You can avail Jeep safari either in morning or in afternoon session. Morning and afternoon Jeep safari can be availed from 6.00 A.M to 10.00 A.M and from 3.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M respectively.

You can carry your camera for photography, but based upon the lens dimensions the charges may differ. Tourists can also go for online Safari booking at the official website of mahaecotourism.

#Elephant Safari

Just like Jeep Safari, exploring the jungle on an elephant ride is equally enthusiastic. Tourist can go for an elephant safari from Moharli Gate. This ride will cover nearly 4Kms distance in the lush bush. Depending on the number riders and days (weekdays/holidays), the charges of elephant safari may vary. For Indian citizens the charges per round on weekends and government holidays are INR 300 and INR 200 respectively. On the other hand, for foreign visitors, the charges per round on weekends and government holidays are INR 1800 and INR 600 respectively.

Elephant Safari at tadoba national park

Apart from exploring the flora and wild animals, Tadoba National Park is delimited by many other attractions that you can visit. Some of these are Urjanagar Lake, Shiv Mandir, Jain Temple, Ayyappa Temple, St. Michael Church and Hanuman Mandir.

Entry Information:

The periphery of Tadoba National Park has three entrance provisions such as; Navegaon and Kolara from Nagpur and Khutwanda from Warora and Mohali. In addition, there are two more entry gates for elephant safari such as Pangdi Gate and Zari Gate.

The park is open throughout the week and the timing is from 6AM to 10.30PM (morning) and 2PM to 6.30PM (afternoon). However, as per summer and winter the entry timings may differ. Earlier the park used to remain closed on Tuesday.

Tadoba National Park incurs an entry fee of INR 750 on weekdays and INR 1000 weekends. For private vehicles, an additional charge of INR 3000 per vehicle will be charged along with proper ticket. Camera charges are additional.


Various services are being rendered here by the Maharashtra Forest and Tourism Authority. Neighbouring to the park area, you will find various stores exhibiting local artworks at reasonable prices. These shops/stores are run by the State Government. If you are travelling by your own car, provisions for Petrol Pump and ATM are also there at Chandrapur, which is within 35Kms reach. However, it is always advisable to carry adequate cash on the go.

Keeping in mind the growing interest towards Tadoba National Park, various resorts and accommodations are established in and around the park. At Chandrapur, various quality accommodations can be found catering basic amenities like Internet, medical facility, quality food etc.

How to Go:

This is an obvious thought that comes in the mind of every traveller while planning a trip to Tadoba National Park. Being located in the state of Maharashtra, Tadoba is well-connected through the following modes of commutation:

By Air: The nearest airport to Tadoba National Park is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur, which is located around 140Kms away from the park. This airport is well-connected to all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. From airport, you can hire a taxi or a cab to travel further. The distance from airport to Chandrapur is around 140Kms, which can be travelled in 3 hours time.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Chandrapur, which is located around 47Kms away from Tadoba National Park. One more railway station near the destination is Nagpur Railway Station, which is situated within 150Kms reach. These two railheads are in good touch with nearby places like Mumbai, Jhansi, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. Some of the important trains to reach Tadoba are Dakshin Express, Sewagram Express, G T Express and A P Express. Once you reach Chandrapur, you will get many private cars and buses to travel till the National Park.

Chandrapur Railway station

By Road: Tadoba National Park has expedient road connectivity. There are various private and state government buses that run on regular basis from its nearby locations. The nearest bus stops like Chimur and Chandrapur are well accessible within 32Kms and 45Kms reach respectively from the destination. Apart from bus, you can also hire a taxi or cab to reach the park from its nearby locations like Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune. Let’s take look into some of the distances from nearby locations to reach Tadoba:

Location Distance
Aurangabad to Tadoba 530 Kms, 10h (Via SH207)
Nasik to Tadoba 754 Kms, 11h 32 min (Via NH6)
Bangalore to Tadoba 1,075Kms, 15h 50 min (Via NH7)
Jabalpur to Tadoba 416Kms, 7h 30 min (Via NH7)
Hyderabad to Tadoba 435Kms, 8h 15 min (Via NH7)
Bhopal to Tadoba 501Kms, 8h 12 min (Via NH69)

Places to Stay:

Are you looking for a comfy stay at Tadoba National Park? The State Tourism Development of Maharashtra, Corporation Hotel (Mohrali) and the Forest Corporation of Maharashtra has some luxury and budget accommodations/guesthouses for you.

If money is not a constraint for you, some eminent lodging options are there near Moharli and Kolara Gates. These are Serai Tiger Camp (INR 7000/night for two persons including food), Irai Safari Retreat (INR 8500/night for two persons including food) and Svasara Resort (INR 13000/night for two persons including food).

Hotel near Tadoba National Park

On the other hand, if you are looking for some basic budget accommodations near Tadoba National Park, you can try Royal Tiger Resort (INR 2500/night for two persons). In addition, the hotels under Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation can also be availed for INR 2000/night. Furthermore, if staying inside the National Park is in your mind, you can also book a Forest Rest Houses via Forest Department.

Apart from the aforementioned lodges, there are many other comfy staying options as well, which are also listed here for your convenience:

#Royal Tiger Resort

Address: Unnamed Rd, Moharli,

Maharashtra 442404

#Chava Kolara Resort

Address: Chimur, Maharashtra 442903

#MTDC Tadoba

Address: Tadoba (Jungle Resort), Post-Mohorli (Tadoba),

Tal -Bhadravati Dist, Chandrapur,

Maharashtra 442401

Travel Pointers:

  • Because of its ongoing popularity, the Land of Tigers Reserve is frequently visited these days. Hence, it is advisable to book your hotel/lodge in advance.
  • In order to get a complete vista, it is recommended to go for multiple safari rides.
  • Don’t forget to hire a local forest guide during safari adventure. It will cost you additional charges though.
  • Carrying camera is permissible but it will incur some additional charges.
  • Any fees related to safari and entry for foreign travellers is comparatively higher than Indian citizens.
  • Prefer visiting this park in the month of March or post monsoon so that the best experience can be felt.
  • Carry your travel kit containing all essentials including shades, shoes, binocular, camera etc.
  • Avoid wearing any heavy or uncomfortable outfits as the weather is not going to be cold in any season.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your lodge and plan your next adventurous trip to the Land of Tigers Reserve.

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