Jog Falls in Karnataka

Visit the Jog Falls in Karnataka

If you are going to Karnataka, then you must visit the Jog Falls situated on the Sharavathi river in Shimoga district.

This fall, situated at a height of 253 meters, is an amalgamation of four smaller streams.

This is a beautiful waterfall and is the tallest un-tiered waterfall in the country. The place evokes a scenic panorama, for it is surrounded by lush green forests all around.

Tourists and visitors can hike down to the base of the falls and can also take a quick jump. There are several points from where one can view the beauty, especially the Watkins platform.

Dabbe Falls

Dabbe Falls

One can also get a great view from the rock outcrop near Bombay Bungalow. The area near the falls is also ideal for trekking.

There  are many beautiful places around the waterfalls, like the Swarna Nadi riverbank, the Sharavathi valley and the lush green forest around the waterfalls.

The ideal time to visit the waterfalls is during monsoon. The waterfall falls with great force and energy and it creates a cloud of vapour, creating a beautiful effect.

Other places which one can visit are Dabbe Falls, Linganamakki Dam, Tunga Anicut Dam, Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger reserve and Sharavati River.


There are many good budget hotels where one can stay.  It is  advisable to book a room in advance especially in the months from August to December. One can also stay at state run tourist hotels.


Since there are very few places to eat around the Falls, it is advised to carry food and water.


The best time to visit Jog Falls is from the months of June to December.

Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger reserve

Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger reserve

Places to see around Jog Falls

1. Dabbe Falls: One gets to see beautiful views of the water scaling into a narrow gorge. The best time to visit the falls is during the monsoons.

2. Linganamakki Dam: Located about 6 km from Jog Falls, Linganamakki dam is a popular tourist spot. The dam forms the reservoir for the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Power Unit.

3. Tunga Anicut Dam: Located about 12 km from Shimoga, the dam is surrounded by green paddy fields and arecanut palms. You can see beautiful panoramic view of the Bababudain Giri Range.

4. Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger reserve: It is located 12 km from Shimoga and is a reserve for tigers, lions and deer.

5. Sharavati River: This river originates from Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli taluk flowing to the north-west region  through the Western Ghats to form the Jog-Falls.

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