Want to try local cuisine at Tripura? You might want to try these places..

1. Shah Hotel & Restaurant

Comfortably, the most popular place in town for breakfast, this no-nonsense locals’ favourite knocks up superb dal and steaming-hot rotis to have with your curry and fried egg. Later on in the day, the dal (cooked lentils) gets replaced by biryani and chicken and mutton curries. No English menu, and limited English spoken.

2. Agra Continental Restaurant 

Every town needs a Chinese restaurant and this new establishment on the edge of the town is one of the genre’s better examples. It is the only relaxing, sit-down place to eat in town and is frequented by locals on special occasions. Be sure to ask for their yummy specials.

3. Nilkantha Tea Cabin

Nilkantha Tea Cabin, around 5 km south of town, produces the almost world-famous Willy Wonka-esque five-color tea. It does have five distinct layers of colour and five equally differing tastes. In addition to the five-colour tea, there are dozens of other flavors and the tea cabin has turned into a social institution for the young of the area. A baby taxi from town should not cost more than Rs 20.

4. Shankar Restaurant

Provides some of Agartala’s best food; nothing fancy. Just straightforward rice and veggies in an AC street cafe. It is situated on Netaji Subhash (NS) Rd. Great for simple food for the weary traveller.

5. Restaurant Kurry Klub

The in-house restaurant at Hotel Welcome Palace serves generous helpings of tasty Indian food, including some fantastic fish preparations. It is particularly busy during dinner. Do go early to grab a seat.

6. Diana Hotel

Kebab heaven, with charcoal-grilled chicken and mutton seekh tops the list at this restaurant. They also have excellent naan bread. No menu, and limited English spoken, but pointing at the food on other table tends to do the trick.

7. Midpoint Restaurant

Heaving locals’ favorite with spot-on Bengali dishes (curries, biryani). No English sign or menu, but some English spoken. Do carry a dictionary, just in-case.

The Famous Food

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