Suraj Tal Lake

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The Suraj Tal lake is one of the most amazing creation of nature in India. With a height of 4890 metres above the sea level, the lake is third largest and at the 21st spot in the world. Its name suraj means the sun and tal means lake and this is the reason why it is commonly referred as the sun God. The lake is believed to have the power to wash one’s sins by a holy dip in the water. Thus, it is the best place for human spirit cleansing. The source of water from this lake comes from Bhaga River. The lake lies just below the Baralacha pass, and it is here that different roads meet from Spiti, Ladakh and Zanskar.

Bhaga Valley

Bhaga Valley

The position of the lake is very fantastic – situated in between the mountain ranges and arid hill that gives it a perfect display and visual combination with clear blue color water. In May during winter, the mountain is fully covered in snow due to the glacier melting into the water. The place is not conducive for people to live here since the climatic condition is akin to those in the polar region. Snowfall is almost recorded through out the year and the highest temperature recorded is 13 degrees Celsius and lowest goes even to -27 degrees Celsius.

Close to the lake is a beautiful valley called Bhaga valley with a narrow gorge to Darcha after which it widens and enlarges to the confluence of Bhaga River and Tandi River. This is the reason why animals move to this region to graze the beautiful grassland around the region. The valley is surrounded with lush green vegetation.

During summer the days are somehow warm but nights remain cold. The weather here is very unpredictable and within a minute the weather changes from sunny to cloudy. If you plan to holiday in a quiet place and bask in nature’s glory, this is just the right place for you.

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