Tirthan Valley

What an Experience to Climb the Looming Mountain in Tirthan Valley

Just like most of the valleys found in Himachal Pradesh, the Tirthan valley is named after Tirthan River flowing through it. This valley extends from Banjar to Bathad, with several villages such as Gushaini, Nagini, Sai Ropa and others by the river bank. Tirthan Valley is also verdant green with deciduous forest and alpine grooves. The valley is located 8 km from the Great Himalayan National Park entrance.

As a visitor to Tirthan valley Himachal Pradesh, there a lot fun activities to get involved in. Your visit to this valley will give you a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Some of the fun activities include river side camping, swimming, trekking, village hopping, rappelling, trout fishing and others.

Looming mountain in Tirthan Valley

Climb the Looming Mountain in Tirthan Valley

Climb the looming mountain in Tirthan Valley to experience an adventurous tour. During the climb, enjoy the stunning views of the valley as you take photos of the wonderful sceneries. Although it is an uphill climb, it very easy and anyone can climb successfully.

Trout fishing is very famous in this place. The valley offers an excellent spot to any passionate angler. However, trout angling requires a permit that is easy to get. Alternatively, your guesthouse will arrange for the permit and equipment for fishing. Angling is an extremely entertaining and relaxing sport.

Take a dip in the river for that spine chilling feeling. You can also compete with your family members, friends or fellow tourists in a ‘sitting in the cold-water’ competition. Furthermore, trekking to the beautiful Lake Serloskar that is surrounded by mountains is such an experience.


Trout Fishing

Accommodation is readily available at the Himalayan Trout House. This is a friendly place for both local and visiting fishermen, campers, trekkers and other holiday maniacs to meet up, exchange stories, read, share eat outs and bonfires, laze in hammocks, play games, listen to music and other interesting activities.

The Trout House offers different accommodation packages as well as delicious food. Get to enjoy fresh trout served with vegetables, salads or herbs from the local orchards. The recreational activities are well catered for with board games, outdoor games, kids play area, fishing rods & reels and the house is also Wi-Fi enabled.

The best time to visit this place is from March to June or from September to November. These are best seasons, as during winters, Himachal has occasional light snowfall and bright sunshine. On the other hand, light woollens will be required in late evenings and early mornings during summer. No visits during monsoons due to possible flash floods and landslides.

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