Bengali Fish

What to eat in Digha? 

There are many cheap hotels and local eateries all over Digha, which serve cheap but good quality Bengali dishes. There are some more expensive restaurants where continental food is available. In an average restaurant, a vegetarian meal is available for Rs 35-45,  Bengali fish curry-rice is available for Rs 25-35.

Another great idea one can try is to buy the staple vegetarian fare at the hotel you are staying at and have it delivered to your room. You can buy fresh fishe like ilish, pomfret, parshe and prawns from Mohona, Digha fish market in the morning and have it cooked at the numerous ‘Dada-Boudi’r’ joints around Sea Hawk. Have this fish with your standard vegetarian lunch or dinner.

Those who are fussy about the quality of cooking, can go and have lunch at Shankarpur, some 14 km away. They prepare the fish much better than at Digha. The quality at Shankarpur is decent and one can have a much fresher fish at reasonable prices.

Bengali Fish

Digha fish


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