What to see in Arunachal Pradesh?

While you are in the land of the seven sisters, do visit and soak in the mystic flora and fauna of this beautiful hill state. Travel to Itanagar, its capital city and witness a vibrant cosmopolitan culture. Itanagar is divided into two towns: Naharlagun – the older town; and Itanagar – the official capital city. Situated at the foothills, at 350 m above mean sea level, the climate of this place is mostly pleasant throughout the years.

The Nishis or Nishings is one of the major tribes in the area. Be sure to soak in their culture and you will surely fall in love with their way of life.

Another unique place to see is the Ganga lake, locally known as the Gekkar Sinyi, where you can get to see unique species of plants.

A hallmark of Itanagar is the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum, which showcases beautiful aspects of Arunachal’s tribal life. From head dresses, weapons, handicrafts, music instruments, jewellery to other artifacts of daily use and culture, besides archaeological finds, the museum brings every visitor closer to the rich history of the ‘Orchid State of India’.

Other major tourist attractions include Tawang (a town with a Buddhist monastery) at 3000 m elevation; Ziro (which holds cultural festivals); Basar; the Namdapha tiger project in Changlang district; and Sela lake near Bomdila which is known for its bamboo bridges overhanging the river.

Also get familiarised with India’s ancient history by visitng Alinithan in Lekhabali and Rukhmininagar near Roing (the place where Rukmini, Lord Krishna’s wife according to Hindu mythology, is said to have lived).

Itanagar is not without its share of forts!! Visit the Itafort which is built completely by bricks..

This state with its natural beauty and rich culture is a must visit attraction for every visitor planning to visit India.

Plan your trip and spend time in the Orchid state, amidst the rich cultural history and beautiful flora and fauna.


Ita Fort

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