What to see in Cuttack? 

Seeing places in Cuttack depends on the time of the year you are visiting this place. Summers are hot as temperature can reach 49 degree celsius. Autumn is the best time to arrive (September to November) as you get to be a part of the cultural traditions of the city. It’s  also the time for festivals. Durga Puja is the second largest celebration and has a huge following. Cuttack hosts about 1000-1500 Puja pandals every year. Each of them is quite unique and distinct in shape and size. It is crowded during this time and chances are that you may not be allowed to travel in your vehicle through most parts of the city. If you have time and you are fit enough, settle for walking throughout the city, one of the best ways to travel around.

Cuttack was established more than 1000 years ago as a military establishment. You can still see the remnants in the old city. There is an old myth which says that Cuttack is said to have survived a dangerous past due to the presence of Maa Cuttack Chandi and Maa Gada Chandi who guard the cities from the evil eyes and the mighty Mahanadi. It is perhaps the second lowest city in the world after Amsterdam which is below sea level. Cuttack is protected from the mighty Mahanadi and Kathjodi by the Baimundi Mark which acts as an embankment to the city.

Cuttack is famous for its world famous silver ‘filigree’ work. If you visit Cuttack, don’t miss the mouth watering plate of ‘Dahi-Vada, Aludam ghuguni, seu’. You will also get the best of Mutton, Cham and Chicken Chops at Professor Para. If you happen to want to have a lonely evening and fresh air, hop in to Bidanasi River Embankment or drive/ride along the Baimundi Marg. You will truly enjoy this beautiful ride.

Cuttack is also known as a place of Bawan Bazar, Trepan Gali (meaning: 52 Markets, 53 Lanes). This place might give you the impression of an old place with very small and dirty lanes, but that’s how you define a lotus.

Take a stroll on the banks of River Kathajodi and enjoy the sunset. This is a magnificent site. If you are visiting Cuttack sometimes in the mid of October or November, do not forget to enjoy the ‘Dusshera’ festival when the city erupts in its full celebratory mode.




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