Where to eat in Kolkata?

Kolkata is known to have one of the best cuisines in India. With its fabulous street food culture and awesome mouth-watering

Bengali dishes at many restaurants, the city is a delight for food lovers.

Here are the places you can visit in Kolkata:

1.Bhoj Company

Excellent, inexpensive Bengali food served in a bijou little restaurant, where colourful naive art sets off white walls inset with little terracotta-statuette niches. You’ll need some basic knowledge to decode the menu, but it’s hard to find a better dinner than their ruhi kalia with doi begun and rice.

2.Sidheshwari Ashram 

For a really local experience, venture into this archetypal old-fashioned eating house serving excellent Bengali food eaten with the (right) hand at old stone-topped tables. The entrance is easily missed between shops, then up an unlikely stairway.

3.Hot Kati Rolls 

Bengal’s trademark fast food is the kathi roll: Take a paratha roti, fry it with one-sided coating of egg,  then fill with sliced onions, chilli and your choice of stuffing (curried chicken, grilled meat or paneer). Roll it up in a twist of paper and it’s ready to eat. Typical hole-in-the-wall serveries like Hot Kathi Rolls specialize in this.


Synonymous with Kolkata biryani, the Shiraz also offers a range of curries, and a succulent mutton chaap special (rib-meat dish). The location, handy for South Park St. Cemetery, has two almost next-door branches. The smarter section only opens for lunchtime, but the functional older branch serves a superb mutton keema breakfast until noon.

5.Bhojohari Manna

Although it’s a small chain, each Bhojohari Manna branch feels very different and has a somewhat different menu, though all feature top-quality Bengali food at sensible prices. The Branch 6, is comparatively spacious, decorated with tribal implements and has live traditional music playing on Saturdays. The menu allows diners to pair a wide selection of fish types with the sauce of your choice. Some dishes are rather small so order a spread not missing the echorer dalna (green jackfruit curry).

6.Oh! Calcutta 

Shutter-edged ‘mirror’ windows, bookshelves and B&W photography create a casually upmarket atmosphere in this Bengali-fusion restaurant that is far more suave than you might expect from its shopping-mall location, and portions are unusually large. Luchi (Rs 140 for six) are feather-light, and fresh lime brings out the subtleties of koraishatir dhokar dalna (pea-cakes in ginger, Rs 430).
Go there for a taste of awesome authentic Bengali food.

Banglar Mukh (Bengali Cuisine)

Banglar Mukh (Bengali Cuisine)

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