World Environment Day 2017

World Environment Day 2017

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Incessant acceleration of populace along with contamination is gradually making it taxing for our endurance. In order to fulfil our prerequisites, we pay no heed to the environment we live in and keep annihilating the same for self-indulgence. Standing on the verge of our contemporary existence, one can easily relate the significance of this quote cited by Mahatma Gandhi.

Today, on the eve of this prestigious World Environment Day, this is a small attempt from Exciting India to emphasis on the milieu we reside in.

Why WED?

It’s been decades now since the first World Environment Day (WED) was held in 1974. Till today, this has been a flagship campaign to generate awareness on environment and shield our environment against the mounting pollution, wildlife crime and global warming. Today is June 5, and yet again the World Environment Day is getting celebrating across the globe with great gusto. But, the million dollar question here is do we celebrate the day just because we have to do it or is there any essence behind this age old initiative?  

If you plunge back to the history, an approach was first made on WED by the UN General Assembly, and this was placed before the United Nations Conference way back in 1972. Moving ahead in 1974, the first WED was bought into practice under the theme called “Only One Earth”. Since then World Environment Day or WED is celebrated annually all round the sphere.

Every year, a new country is given the responsibility to host the WED activities with a different theme. India was also given this prestigious opportunity in 2011, and the slogan for the WED that year was “Forest: Nature at your service”. Like every year, this year’s edition of WED will also be celebrated with a new theme. In 2017, the host county is Canada and the theme is “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator.”   

Key Objectives:

Having mentioned the prime objective of WED, this is an endeavour at global platform to keep our planet clean, healthy and green. In order to make this endeavour triumphant, some of the key WED objects are listed as follows:

  • To make aware the common people about environmental issues and their consequences.
  • To encourage citizens in developing environmental safety measures.
  • To make people comprehend the actual significance and usefulness of residing in an eco-friendly society.
  • To encourage people for participating in various campaigns related to the betterment of environment.
  • To enact the cited objects for more prosperous future rather than just planning big.

Events associated with WED:

Like many other global countries, several awareness programs on Environment Day are equally celebrated in different educational institutions in India, offices and clubs as well. Besides, various campaigns are also organised on forest management, cleanliness, bio-fuels production, organic foods, garbage recycling, global warming, drainage systems etc. There are plenty of NOGs and schools as well where activities like painting competition, recitation, one act play, street rallies and debates are organised by the respective authorise.  

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People residing in different societies also come forward and participate actively in different activities on the eve of World Environment Day.

WED’s Yearly Themes

Here’s the last 10 year’s yearly theme for Environment Day:



Host Country

2017 Connecting People to Nature-in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator Canada


Zero tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife Angola


even Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care Italy


Small Islands and Climate Change’ Barbados


Think.Eat.Save Mongolia
2012 Green Economy Brazil


Forests-Nature At Your Service India


Many Species. One Planet. One Future Rwanda
2009 Your Planet Needs You – UNite to Combat Climate Change Mexico
2008 CO2, Kick the Habit – Towards a Low Carbon Economy New Zealand

Note: The theme and name of the host country is decided every year by the United Nations.

World Environment Day is not just a single day oath that we take to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. This is a day for everyone who subsists in the midst of this beautiful environment and holds responsibility to safeguard the earth from any habitual devastation. On this day, we practice multiple awareness programmes and put an effort to get connected to our mother-earth. So with that note in mind, let’s live green and breathe green and take a vow to gift our mother-earth a invigorating tomorrow.


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