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10 Amazing Things That You Shouldn’t Miss When in Shillong

It’s always captivating to plan a trip to Shillong. The capital city of Meghalaya in North-East India, Shillong entices visitors from all around the sphere. If you have ever been to Scotland, you can find lot of semblances in the midst of ancient monuments, structures and soothing climate here in Shillong, which will take you back to the quaint European settlers of Scotland. This is why Shillong is also referred as the Scotland of the East. An abode to the Khasi Tribe, Shillong is eminent for its breathtaking natural exquisiteness, lively waterfalls, rolling knolls and thrilling caves.

natural beauty of Shillong

Akin to its natural abundance, Shilling also offers some rousing outdoor activities for the adventure buffs. So if you are an adventure lover and want to unveil some of the exhilarating locations in the hills of Meghalaya, here’s what you should do:

1. Joyful boat riding in Umiam Lake

boat riding in Umiam Lake shillong

Nestled in Nongpoh, nearly 18Kms far from the capital city, Umiam is an amazing lake for boating. If you are in Shillong with your family, this is a must do thing. Delimited by lush terrain and cobalt water, Umiam Lake offers you various water activities like sailing, boating and water-skiing. The tranquil environment and scenic beauty around the lake take you to a different level of delight.

2. Angling is a real fun at Dawki

Angling at Dawki shillong

Though Umiam Lake is a good angling option in Shillong, but the best of angling can be enjoyed at Dawki. Located around 81Kms away from Shillong, Dawki is considered as the paradise for anglers in Meghalaya. Some of the commonly found species here are Silver Carp, Mrigala fish, Catfishes and Golden Carps. Gentle breeze and soothing environs, angling in Dawki is an awe-inspiring experience.

3. Trails that make your trekking more rousing

David Scott’s trekking trail

One of the exciting things that you should do in Shillong is trekking, and the best place for trekking is David Scott’s trekking trail, which is located few miles away from the city. The trek trails are absolute daring here that takes you through rolling knolls and low brickwork. Besides, a valley surrounded by lush bush and clear stream near the trail also offers you the best camping option here. Apart from David Scott’s trekking trail, there are few more spectacular trekking options as well that include Sophet Bneng, Living Root Bridge and Kyllang Rock. However, avoid visiting these locations during monsoon, which is quite hazardous for trekking activities.

4. Enjoy an invigorating river rafting in Shillong

River rafting in Shillong

Shilling has no dearth of offerings for adventure junkies. Being eminent as the popular mountainous terrain in the North-East India, river rafting is quite an offbeat experience that one can have in Shillong. There are two popular destinations in Shillong where you can enjoy river rafting the most. One is Barapani Lake, which located nearly 18Kms far from Shillong; and the next is Ranikor, which is located around 2 and half hour far from the main city. Be it a first timer or a seasoned adventure buff, going for river rafting in these locations is something invigorating in Shillong.

5. Reveal the dark secrets inside the dark caves

Caves in Shillong

If you go for a drive out of the main city, you get to explore some of the astounding limestone caves near Shillong. The moment you enter into these dark and longest caves here, you get to explore plenty of dark clandestine within, which gives you goosebumps righty away. Besides, some of the carvings inside the caves portray various spiritual significances as well. If you want to visit some of the primitive and thrilling caves near Shillong, pay visit to Krem Umshyrpi, Krem Mawsmai, Maria and Krem Mamluh. And don’t forget to share your thrilling experience inside these caves.

6. Golfing in the greens

Golfing in shillong

Shillong has charm of many flavours altogether. Golfing is one such offbeat sport activity that a golfer can enjoy in Shillong. To try your hands on the pole and the hole, the best place here is Shillong Golf Club, which has an eye-catching green environs blending with  Rhdodendron and Pine trees. Steeping into the Golf Club takes you to a beautifully sprawled green area boasting one of the longest trying holes in the country. The game of golf is not a new concept in Shillong. In fact, golf was brought here way back in 1898 by a group of British Civil Service gentleman. Today, plenty of professional as well as beginner golfers flock here to enjoy this classy game.

7. Climb the hard rock formations

rock climbing in East Khasi Hills

Having said, Shillong has no dearth of opportunities for adventure freaks. If you are looking for some rock climbing activities around the city, travel towards some parts of the East Khasi Hills where you can explore some of the hard rock formations for climbing activities. East Khasi Hills is quite a renowned location in Meghalaya for professional rock climbers. However, it is always advisable to consult with any guide before you pick your climbing location.

8. Enjoy the royal ride on horseback

horse riding in shillong

Feel the royal ride on horseback and head towards the highest point in Meghalaya, Shillong peak. The horse riding on this route is absolute delightful offering you a scenic vista of Shillong. Once you reach the pinnacle, you get to catch a bird’s eye vista of the entire city. From the hors back you feel like to touch the misty clouds floating around you. Apart from Shillong peak, there is one more adjoining location for horse riding, which is living Root Bridge. Crossing the tropical vegetation and breathtaking panorama from the horseback is an enchanting experience for the first timer.  

9. Don’t miss the intoxicating nightlife in Shillong

nightlife in Shillong

Your voyage to Shillong turns spicier once you start enjoying the intoxicating nightlife here. The mountainous city is laid out with many night clubs and bars to boost up your stay. Some of the popular boozer hubs that you can enjoy in the city are Dejavu, Cloud 9 and Tango Pub. Make your trip more delightful here with a blend of vibrant music, luscious cuisines and the finest wine in the state. The nightlife in Shillong gives you a sheer flavour of the Western culture backed by loud music and dance. The party animals in the city don’t take much time to pull you in to the floor and move your steps following the tunes of electrifying guitar. When in Shillong, make sure you don’t skip this nightlife fun. If you happen to be here on the eve of Christmas, you get to witness a complete religious side here at night including prayers, music and other rituals that they perform with great enthusiasm.

10. Camping in the midst of green meadows

Shillong is full of natural abundance offering you plenty of sightseeing and outdoor activities to enjoy. Starting from its vibrant flora to animated waterfalls and soothing climate, Shillong is one of the favourite tourist destinations in North-East India. If you have come across all the cited activities while staying in Shillong, make sure you have also experienced the thrill of an overnight stay at the camps. The hillock terrain of Shillong has several exciting locations where you can base your camp and spend a pleasant night in the midst of green meadows and tall stand pine trees. Camping during winters allows you the option of bonfire when you get to experience one of the most remarkable times of your life with your buddies. In Meghalay, Dawki and Mawlynnong forest are two popular locations for camping.

Camping in Shillong

So when in Shillong, you can’t afford to miss these ten amazing things. To grab the most of it, plan your trip with your buddies and step into the Scotland of the East.

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