Nagaland Culture

A little note about Nagaland

Have  you ever wanted to just trek on and on in peace and serenity ? Then maybe Nagaland is the place for you.

The uncontested ‘wild east’ of India, Nagaland is one of the must visit north east states of India.

A place of unparalleled primeval beauty, Nagaland’s dazzling hills and valleys ? right on the edge of the India?Myanmar border ? are an otherworldly and mystic place where until very recently some 16-odd headhunting Naga tribes formed the core population of the state.However , modern ethos have touched this place and much of the south of the state is fairly developed. In the north, however, you still stand a good chance of meeting tribesmen in exotic attire who continue to live a lifestyle that is normally only seen within the pages of a travel magazine.

Although most of the Nagas have now become Christians, they still preserve the remnants of their early animist culture and ancient traditions. Infact they have been known to fight various wars all through the century. They consider the safety and security of their guests as an honour and prestige and will never allow any harm to be done to any of their guests.

Topographically, Nagaland is mostly a hilly region with a pleasant and pleasant  climate throughout the year, except for a small region in the foothills.

Nagas are by race of the Mongoloid origin and speak Tibeto-Burman group of languages. But English and Hindi are widely spoken and language is not a  problem  for tourists in Nagaland.

Colourful life and culture are an integral part of the 16 officially recognized Naga tribes of Nagaland. These 16 tribes are different and unique with their customs and traditions. These customs and traditions are further translated into festivals which revolve around their agricultural cycle. Songs and dances form the soul of these  beautiful festivals through which their oral history has been passed down from generation to generation.
With picturesque landscapes and scenic beauty, the whole of Nagaland is a tourist hotspot.
So if planning a trip to see wilderness at its best , make a stop at Nagaland


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