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A walk around 5 popular streets in Bangalore

Bengaluru or Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka state of India, is one of the most embryonic cities the country has today. Ranging from high-tech industries to intoxicating nightlife and bustling streets, the city has witnessed a remarkable surge of development in all aspects. Besides being eminent for its benevolent ambience, Bangalore is also laid out with plenty of enticing tourist hubs, flea markets for bargain savvy shopaholics and eateries for the food junkies. A walk around some of the popular streets in Bangalore may leave you completely mesmerised with the city’s vigorous sights, smells and sounds.

If you enjoy getting occupied in the midst of bustling markets followed by some budding restaurants, here are five popular streets/roads in Bangalore that will make you visit to these places time and again:

1. The Wood Street

The Wood Street Bangalore

After strenuous weekdays in a city like Bangalore, a walk around the Wood Street may just drive you into a different spirit of glee altogether. Reckoned as one of the oldest streets of Bangalore, The Wood Street boasts some popular dining options for visitors. Besides, the place is also popular for its pubs and nightlife. If you are passionate about inking, some of the finest tattoo studios can also be spotted there. So what are you waiting for? Ping your buddies and plan a weekend hangout at the Wood Street.

2. The Commercial Street

The Commercial Street bangalore

One just can’t afford to skip visiting this destination when in Bangalore. Sprawled with an area of 6/7Kms, the Commercial Street is known for its diverse shopping options. Apart from buying some textile items, the shops and stalls in the Commercial Street showcase an array of several other useful products like jewellery, toys, foot wears, furniture and much more. Despite being one of the bustling shopping streets in the city, the location is easily accessible from various parts of the city by bus, car and auto-rickshaws. However, one should be good at bargaining to win a deal at the pavements.

3. Brigade Road 

Brigade Road in Bangalore

The city has no dearth of popular roads and streets. One more addition to this list is the Bridge Road, Bangalore. Referred as one of the busiest shopping areas in the city, Brigade Road boasts plenty of retail outlets, pubs and discotheques. Since the place is situated at the intersection of two other bustling destinations MG Road and Residency Road, one can expect intense horde around the road. Besides being an abode to many standalone shops, Brigade Road is evenly popular for hosting several other attractions like Brigade Towers, St Patrick’s Church and Catholic Club. Steeping into the Brigade Road during weekends will offer you a sheer pursuit of delight.

4. Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road bangalore

Named after the father of the nation, MG Road adds a sheer blend of shopping, fun and food amidst the busiest roads in Bangalore. The presence of high-end stores, dazzling street lights and upscale eateries may just complete one’s hangout at the MG Road. A flock around the street will offer you plenty of shopping options ranging from the sarees to western outfits and an extensive collection of books. Besides, some other alluring destinations that include here are Barton Court, Kids Kemp and Crafts Emporium. Furthermore, having a sip of coffee after the dusk is always invigorating at the MG Road.

5. Food Street

Food Street bangalore

As the name of the street suggests, the Food Street is eminent for food junkies. Because of its food varieties and fresh aroma, Food Street is considered as one of the preferred locations for taste budders in the city. If you are in quest of some authentic platters at pocket-friendly prices, look no further than the Food Street. However, long queue in the eateries could be the only challenging factor that a hardcore foodie may face. But for a true food lover, it is always worth waiting to taste something fresh and scrumptious.

In an evolving city like Bangalore, it is never easy to limit the numbers of food courts, markets and shopping areas near the street. There are many other emerging locations like Avenue Road, City Market, and Chickpet that can make your visit equally enchanting in the city. These markets turn full of go during the festival season. So give your weekend hangout a different flavour of taste and goodies at the popular streets of Bangalore.


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