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Alibaug: The Goa of Maharashtra and a Popular Weekend Destination near Mumbai

Going for a relaxing walk and feeling the placid breeze around the deafening seashore is something quite common for Mumbaikars. Probably this is why they prefer exploring the cobalt beaches of Goa for an offbeat time off. But, how about experiencing a place like Goa within Maharashtra? Sound astounding, isn’t it? With its crystal clear sea, surrounding beaches and serene ambience, Alibaug leaves you a feel of Goa in the state of Maharashtra. Let’s take you for a ride to this beautiful weekend getaway near Mumbai.

An Overview:

The coastal city of Alibag or Alibaug is delimited by breath-taking seashore, historic terrain of Bene Israeli Jews and picturesque landscape. Located around 95Kms from Mumbai in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, the soothing environs of Alibaug make it a pleasing destination for weekenders.

The name of this place has a significant meaning, which indicates ‘The garden of Ali’. Enclosed with sea on its three sides, the coastal town of Alibag offers you a spellbound vista of crystal clear sea with unsullied breeze around the beaches. Considering the sheer resemblance of its surrounding ambiance with Goa, Alibaug is often referred as the ‘Goa of Maharashtra’.

Beautiful Alibag

Being positioned in the midst of nature’s abode, the mainstay of city’s economy is based on tourism.  Besides, you will also come to see a large number of inhabitants here who own several ranches and cottages near the seashore and get themselves into some basic farming. The people of Alibaug are quite friendly and they find it quite prestigious to greet the visitors who flock here for natural escape. They predominantly speak Marathi, but Hindi and English is also understood and spoken here.

Akin to its natural exquisiteness, the residents of Alibaug are relatively spiritual. They never hold themselves back in sustaining their conventional practices. Celebration of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Pola and Nag Panchami clearly reflects a sign of their religious beliefs.

In this post, you will be taken through different shades of the coastal town including its seasonal climate, visiting period, sightseeing and much more.


Having depicted the coastal environs of the place, Alibaug pleases all the visitors with its soothing climate. The city experiences an enjoyable summer in the month of March, which lasts here till July. The maximum level of mercury that can be felt here during summer is around 350C. If you are a rain lover, the city experiences intense rainfalls from August to October. Heavy rain falls turn the overall weather of Alibaug more favourable for visitors. After a blissful blend of summer and monsoon, winter hits the region in the month of November and continues till February. Winter drops down the temperature here till 130C or less. Alibaug sees a large number of tourist’s footfalls that time. The reason being, during winter the climate becomes absolutely delightful for a relaxing outing here.

Best time to visit:

After portraying the favourable climate of Alibaug, it leaves you no doubt that Alibaug is an all season destination for excursion. However, to reveal the best out of coastal city, October to March is considered to be the best time to visit Alibaug. If you reside in Mumbai, nothing could be a short weekend destination than touring Alibaug. From Mumbai, this place can be explored all round the calendar.

Places to see:

Being one of the popular weekend destinations near Mumbai, Alibaug is laid out with ample of attractions for visitors. Apart from its luring beaches, the place has galore of leading destinations like fortification, lush bush, green farm and holy shrine. Let’s catch a glimpse of some of the major places to see in Alibaug:

#Kolaba Fort


kolaba fort alibag

This could be one of the spectacular sites to start your voyage in Alibaug. Being the only Konkan coast that has inhabited both Portuguese and Maratha on the same inner watercourse, Alibaug is visited by plenty of travellers to catch a glimpse of its historic Kolaba fort. The key attractions of this majestic fortification include daunting walls, citadels, shrines and water tank. Situated around 2Kms from the Alibag seashore, the Kolaba fort showcases an architectural brilliance of Maratha King Shivaji. You can visit the fort from 10AM to 5PM, and the best time to explore the beauty of this fort is from November to July. Kolaba fort with no second thought is one of the leading tourist pullers in Alibaug. If you love photography, this site may gift you some stunning spots to capture digitally.

#Khanderi Fort


Khanderi Fort alibag

Nestled 4kms away from the Alibaug beach, Khanderi Fort sprawls on a historical island in the coastal city of Maharashtra. From the pages of history, Khanderi Fort was built dates back to decade in 1678 by the Marathas. The story goes like that; the fort was captured by the British after remaining under the ruins of King Shivaji for long. During the British rule, a 75 ft high lighthouse was constructed here whose remnants still pull lots of travellers to this isolated fort. Apart from this historic lighthouse, two other attractions at Khanderi Fort are crypt of Daud Pir and a holy shrine of Lord Vitthal.

Apart from Kolaba and Khanderi Fort, in Alibag you can also explore two more forts namely; Murud-Janjira Fort and Undheri Fort. The surrounding vista and picturesque magnificence of these forts equally grab the attention of visitors from different locations.

#Alibagh Beach


Alibag Beach

Situated near the Kolaba Fort and around 2Kms from Alibagh bus depot, Alibagh Beach is one of the worth visiting sites to explore in Alibag. The sprawling sand at the periphery of seashore turns golden under the sunlight. With its gorgeous surrounding the beach offers you an overwhelming panorama of sunrise and sunset. Visitors flock near the seashore for a relaxing walk. You will find plenty of eateries near the sea beach offering you some luscious coastal cuisines. At day time, you can have a clear view of the ruins of Kolaba fort from Alibagh Beach. Soothing breeze in the midst of tall standing coconut trees leaves you spellbound like never before.

#Nagaon Beach


Nagaon Beach in Alibaug

Having depicted the coastal attractions of Alibaug, you can expect lot many beaches to explore around this beautiful city. If you are looking for a perfect blend of golden sand and serene ambience around the seashore, Nagaon Beach is the place you should stop by. Presence of Suru, Betel and Palm trees add a new quill to the natural splendour of Alibaug. Located around 9Kms from the city centre, Nagaon Beach boasts several spectacular eateries serving you some lip-smacking seafood. What allures most of the footfalls to Nagaon Beach is its clean surrounding. From here, you can conveniently visit some other adjoining destinations like Kashid, Mandva, Kashid, Akshi and Kihim.

#Akshi Beach


Akshi Beach in Alibaug

Being situated between Alibaug beach and Nagaon beach, Akshi Beach is one of the least visited beaches in Alibaug. But, it doesn’t devalue the serenity and captivating exquisiteness around the beach. One of the significant attributes of Akshi Beach is its white sand, which looks more stunning at daytime. The beach area is comparatively very clean and experiences low tides. Because of low tide and clean surrounding, people flock here for swimming, boating and sunbathing. If you visit here with your family or group of buddies, don’t forget to try your hands on beach volleyball amidst the white sand. One more key attraction of Akshi Beach is that the site offers you an amazing birding experience.

#Kihim beach


Kihim beach in Alibaug

One more addition to the list of beautiful beach belt in Alibaug is Kihim beach. Named after a small village called Kihim to the north of Alibaug, this beach once used to be a popular site for birding. A relaxing walk around the beach may still offer you some exotic species of birds and colourful butterflies. Kihim beach is also popular for getting pasteurised in many Hindi movies. In addition, a grove of coconut palms in the midst of sandy beach also offers you a remarkable outing in the coastal city.

Well, the lists of beaches don’t culminate here. You can rejoice a pleasant outing near two more significant beaches in Alibaug. These two beaches are Varsoli Beach and Mandwa beach.

After exploring plenty of beaches, you must explore some of the offbeat destinations in Alibaug. Let’s take a ride to few more leading attractions in Alibaug:

#Vrindavan Farm


Alibaug Vrindavan Farm

Taking an offbeat turn from sandy beaches to lush greenery, Vrindavan Farm leaves you a reason why Alibaug has no dearth of attractions for visitors. Spread with an expanse of around 28 acres, this place is an absolute delight for nature walks through the lush bush. Visiting Vrindavan Farm will offer you a blend of trees including apple, guava, mango, chikoo and much more. Apart from a glore of fruit plantation, Vrindavan Farm also hosts an art and craft museum showcasing an array of bee wax candles, tribal handicrafts, honey and many other natural products of your need. So, you can say this is altogether an offbeat experience to gain as a visitor.

#Kanakeshwar Forest


Kanakeshwar Forest in Alibaug

Dense woods always smell you something untamed and thrilling. Kanakeshwar Forest is one such exciting site to explore in Alibaug. The lush bush terrain of Kanakeshwar houses plenty of endangered flora and fauna. Some of the commonly spotted fauna in the forest area include Leopards, snakes, Leopards etc. In addition, noise of some of the vibrant birds amidst the forest may plunge to you to different zone of wildlife. If you are here with your family members, Kanakeshwar Forest is a must visit for you.

#Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple


Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple in Alibaug

You have explored some of the interesting destinations in Alibaug. But when it comes to visit some religious spots, the coastal city also has something to offer you. Located nearly 13Kms from Alibaug city centre, Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is one such destination that meets up your religious hunt in the city of beaches. This temple is positioned at an elevation of around 900 ft. The holy temple of Kanakeshwar Devasthan was built dedicated to Lord Shiva. In order to reach the peak for taking the blessing of Lord Shiva, travellers need to climb around 5000 odd steps, which is quite a fuss. Once you scale zenith, you get to witness a wonderful vista before you.

#Brahma Kund


Brahma Kund in Alibaug

Located nearly 20Kms from Alibaug, Brahma Kund is one more addition to the list of religious attraction in the city. The key attraction of this place is a rectangular shaped kund, which is surrounded by steps on its four sides. It is believed that the Brahma Kund was constructed here way back in 1612. The place also boasts a Shiv pool along the Brahma kund. The water in the kund is believed to be sacred, which was gathered by structuring walls around the kund. As per Hindu myths, it is also said that the walls around the kund were built at the time when Lord Krishna was bathed by Lord Brahma. Today, plenty of Hindu devotees flock here to pay their reverence to Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Apart from the kund, Mirchi baba and Maruti temple are two other attractions here.

Well, the list of attractions doesn’t stop here. After exploring the above cited destination, you can still go for witnessing some other alluring destinations in Alibaug. Some of these sites include  Varsoli Beach, Nagoba Mandir, Mandwa beach, Rewas jetty and Hanuman temple.

Things to do:

If you are thinking that Alibaug has some spectacular beaches with no exciting activities or things to offer, take a pause. Here come some of the interesting things that you can take pleasure from:

#Water activities


Water activities in Alibag

Being a coastal city, you can certainly expect here some adventures amidst the water. Few major beaches where you can experience some rousing water activities in Alibaug are Mandwa beach, Alibaug beach, Akshi Beach and Nagaon beach. These beaches offer you something beyond just sunbathing, boating and swimming. Some of the water activities that one must try in Alibaug are scuba diving, sea kayaking, banana boat and Jet Ski. All such daring activities are performed under the strict observation of professional trainers. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a weekend trip to Alibaug and take absolute fun from these thrilling activities.  

#City Shopping


Shopping in alibaug

A holiday or weekend can never be completed unless you take some goodies from the shops or stalls you visit in every location. For shopaholics, the best place to hang out in Alibaug is Raigadi Bazaar. Located nearly a kilometre away from the Alibaug beach, this market has lot of alluring shops selling some eye-catching and useful accessories, jewelleries, snacks, footwear, outfits and local handicrafts. In addition, while out for beach shopping you can also buy variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.



food in Alibaug

Every destination is said well explored when you get to taste the luscious platters of that location. When in Alibaug, don’t forget to taste some of the delectable sea foods here. Besides, in most of the eateries, you will get to try a rich variety of South-Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Afghani and many other lip-smacking cuisines.

How to Go:

If you are planning your next weekend amidst the ‘Goa of Maharashtra’, feel no worries about getting there. The coastal town of Alibaug can be reached quite conveniently not only from Mumbai, but from other places of India as well.  Here’s how you get there:

By Air: The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai Airport, which is located nearly 112Kms from Alibaug. Mumbai airport is in good touch with rest parts of the world. There are numbers of carriers that ply between Mumbai and various domestic as well as international destinations. From Mumbai Airport, you can hire a cab or take a bus from the city centre to travel further till Alibaug.

By Train: If you plan a railway trip to reach Alibaug, you have two convenient options. These nearby railheads are Roha and Panvel, which are located around 36Kms and 47Kms away from the destination respectively. From Mumbai, various trains are there that run through these routes on regular basis. Once you reach any of these railway stations, hire a taxi or get into a bus for Alibaug. Some of the major trains that that you may board are Mandovi Express, Pune Bsl Express, Goa Smprk K Express, Mangalore Express and Konkan Kanya Express.

By Road: For a short weekend trip, the best way to reach Alibaug is by road. You will find many buses from Mumbai that will take you till Alibaug. The 2 hours road journey will offer you some scenic splendour on the go. Alibaug bus stand is located within 2Kms reach from the main city. Apart from bus, if you can also hire prove taxi or cab from Mumbai to reach Alibaug. For commuting within the city, one can also take auto rickshaws and taxis.

ferry to reach Alibaug

By Ferry: For an offbeat travel experience, nothing could be as captivating as Ferry ride. Boats are available from Mumbai’s Gate Way of India and Bhaucha Dhaaka. If you take a ferry from the Gate Way of India, get down at Mandwa Jetty and take a bus till Alibaug. On the other hand if you take a ferry from Bhaucha Dhaaka, you may get down at Revas Jetty or enjoy a ride till Mandwa. From here, you will get bus and car to reach Alibaug. Please make sure to book a ticket from the respective ferry counter. You will find many ferry operators there including PNP, Apollo, Ajanta and Maldar. Depending on the type of seat you avail, the charges may range from INR 105 to INR 165.

Places to stay:

Being one of the popular weekend getaways near Mumbai, there are various restful places to stay in Alibaug. With a price range between INR 1000 and INR 3500, one can avail a pleasant staying option in Alibaug. However, the charges may vary depending on the amenities or type of hotel/resort you avail.  

alibaug Hotel

Keeping in mind a blissful stay and comfy ambience, some of the hotels are listed here for you:


Chendre ,Alibaug, Dist.Raigad

Alibag, India 402201


#Nivaant Holidays

Ranade Wadi, Thal Agar Alibag, Raigad near RCF Factory,

Alibag, India 402207


#Sia Resort

Chintamani Lane, Nagaon Beach Road, Nagaon,

Alibaug, India 402204


#Maple IVY

Veshvi, Post – Gondhalpada,

Near Krushiwal Press,

Raigad, Alibaug, India 402209


#The Fern Silvanus Resort

Bhatgalli,Near Mukri Ganesh Temple,

Alibaug-Revadanda Road,

Chaul, Alibaug, India 402203


#Ruturaj Inn

Varsoli Beach Road, Alibag

India 402209



Outpost Alibaug, Chorande,

Mapgaon, Alibaug, India 402208


For a summer escape, Alibaug is undoubtedly one of the popular weekend destinations near Mumbai where the nature seems to be at its greatest appearance all round the year. So, if you are looking for a desperate time off in the midst of tranquil seashore and natural grandeur, look no further. Gain the seashore experience of Goa in the state of Maharashtra.

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