Araku Valley: A Popular hill station in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Holidaying in the midst of a hill station is always rejuvenating. Nestled in the vicinity of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, the immaculate mountains of Araku Valley is known for its scenic exquisiteness and a rich variety of green plantations. Sprawled over 35 square kilometres areas and perched at an elevation between 600-900 meters above sea level, Araku Valley has been evolved as a popular hill station in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Araku Valley hill station

Breathtaking vista and lush bush environs of Araku Valley allures plenty of tourists here from different parts of the country. Soaked with hillocks and green vales, the region is also popular for world class coffee plantation. Besides its captivating splendour and pleasing ambience, one of the leading attractions of Araku Valley is the Tribal Museum, which portrays the tribal lifestyle here by showcasing their tempting handicrafts and day-to-day apparatus.

Being one of the eminent hill stations near the city of Visakhapatnam, the tranquil atmosphere around Araku Valley makes you fall in love with its natural grandeur. For adventure buffs, the site offers a blend of steep mounds and dense woods. Araku Valley is equally an absolute delight for practising some daring activities like trekking and rock climbing.

Araku Valley Greenery

The local inhabitants at Araku are quite generous and festive. They greet the visitors with immense respect. If you happen to be at Araku Valley in the month of April, don’t miss their traditional Dhima folk dance. In addition, the people here also celebrate the Visakha Utsav with equal gusto. Being located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Majority of the people in the region of Araku Valley speak Telugu.  

Best Time to Visit:


The popular hill station Araku Valley is an all season destination for nature lovers and adventure freaks. Though, summers are quite scorching here, but the weather atop the hill is relatively comfortable that time for travellers. June to February is the best season to explore the scenic beauty of Araku. During winter, the temperature comes down to 140C or less making the region an absolute delight for visitors.  

Places to see at Araku Valley:


There are various appealing sites in and around the popular hill station, which include:

#Araku Tribal Museum


Araku Tribal Museum

Located nearly 2Kms away from the Araku Bus Station, Araku Tribal Museum is undoubtedly one of the major tourist pullers in Araku Valley. The museum here depicts the life of the tribal communities exhibiting an array of their artefacts and many other handicrafts items made by the local tribes. The clay and muddy construction of the museum represents the theme of the communities representing their day-to-day activities. Besides its rich variety of tribal artefacts like hunting tools, jewellery, and kitchen utensils, on accessing the complex you will get to notice some small stalls and food corners selling the stuffs at a pocket-friendly price. Hence, when in Araku Valley, the Tribal Museum is a must visit for you.

#Borra Caves


Borra Caves

Hill station and caves are two startling attractions for visitors at one go. Perched at an elevation of nearly 1350 meter at Anantagiri region of Visakhapatnam, Borra Caves are often visited by many adventure enthusiasts. The arresting structure of a mound rising from the base of a cave leaves you spellbound. Borra Caves are popular for their pious and archaeological significances. This site is an absolute delight for photographers and adventure lovers.

# Chaparai Waterfalls


Chaparai Waterfalls

If you are here with the perception of mere adventure amidst the mountains, Chaparai Waterfalls is going to make your trip astonishing and liverier. Situated nearly 50Kms aloof Araku, Chaaparai Waterfalls is a magnificent attraction for tourists. The animated Chaparai Waterfalls is situated on the way to Paderu, and the site is also popular as Dumriguda falls. The cascade is delimited by vibrant woods making the place an ideal destination for serene outing and picnicking. In addition, you can also spend some quality time around the cascade with your family and beloved buddy.



anantagiri hill station

Located around 25Kms from Araku, Anantagiri is one more addition to the list of soothing hill station in that region. Positioned with an altitude over 1000 meters between Araku and Visakhapatnam, Anantagiri is a worth visiting destination for weekenders near Vishakhapatnam. Anantagiri hill station is popular for lively waterfalls. In addition, the place is also famous for coffee plantations, which are further exported to various parts of the world. Located way aloof city’s hustle-bustle, Anantagiri hill is a perfect getaway for restful weekend. The picturesque panorama and deep valleys of the site make you flock this location over and over again.

# Tadimada Waterfalls


tadimada waterfalls

How about witnessing a lively Waterfalls flowing from nearly hundred feet height? Doesn’t it sound astounding? Located around 30Kms from Araku, Tadimada Waterfalls is one such destination to fulfil your wish. This site is situated in the vicinity of Anantagiri; probably this is why Tadimada Waterfalls is also renowned as the Anantagiri falls. The best season to explore the natural splendour of Tadimada Waterfalls is during monsoon. This is the time when visitors get to witness a mesmerising vista of vigorous water flow. To reach here, adventure buffs mostly make their trekking route from Anantagiri. The lush bush surroundings and intense sound of free-flowing water from the top leaves you awe-inspiring.

# Padmapuram Botanical Gardens


Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

Exploring a colourful and age old precinct is always overwhelming for a nature lover. If you love to plunge amidst the tall stand trees and pulsating rose garden, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is the place you may visit. It is said that during the Second World War, this garden has been the supplying source of plenty of vegetables to the soldiers. Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is also known for hosting a horticultural nursery housing different trees and floras. Besides, you can also observe a beautiful rose garden here. From this garden, you can also purchase some enthralling species of plants. In addition, a blissful ride on toy train round the garden makes this place an ultimate paradise for children. If you are here with your family, spending time at Padmapuram Botanical Gardens may make your visit to this relaxing garden like never before.

Getting there:


Over the periods of time, Araku Valley has gained its popularity amongst the neighbouring and distant visitors. Hence, numbers of visitors flock around the hill station throughout the calendar. On enquiring about the accessibility to this captivating hill station, Araku Valley can be reached by road from its nearby airport and railway stations. Here’s how you make your reach to the immensely beautiful Araku Valley:

By Air: Located nearly 110Kms from the destination, the nearest airport is Vishakhapatnam. There are several carriers that ply Vishakhapatnam on regular basis from various parts of the country. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or book a cab to reach Araku Valley.

train journey to Araku Valley

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Araku valley railway station. In addition, various passenger trains are also there from Vishakhapatnam to reach Araku valley. Total travel time by train from to Vishakhapatnam to Araku is nearly 5-6 hours. If you want to board at the passenger train, Kirandul passenger train is the one you can travel by. From railway station, you can take a bus or hire a cab to reach your destination. Visitors travelling from Bangalore or from Chennai may go for Mys Howrah Express and Mas NJP Express respectively.

By Road: Nothing could be as exciting as reaching Araku valley by road. Stunning sceneries on the go leaves your trip complete spell bound. From Vizag (Visakhapatnam), various state and private buses are there that run for Araku. Moreover, the government transports can be availed from the RTC complex Vizag. The frequency of the bus from Vizag is nearly 40-45 minutes.

Araku Valley by road

In addition, you can also hire a car to reach Araku by road. The route takes you through NH5 crossing some of the striking destinations like Pendurthi junction, Kothavalasa, S- Kota and few other villages. Total travel time to reach Araku by road is approximately 4 hours.

Places to stay:


Araku valley is frequented by plenty of travellers all round the year. Hence, several resorts and accommodations are setup in and around the location. For an adventurous stay in the midst of dense woods, Haritha resort at Tyda and Ananthagiri Hill resort can be recommended to visitors. Depending on the amenities and types of room you avail, the charges at these resorts may range from INR 1200 to INR 4500.

Haritha resort

In addition, you may also go for some budget accommodations as well, which lists:

#Golden Sands

Ravvalaguda, Araku Valleymain Road towards Vsp, Visakhapatnam

Araku Valley, India 531149

Charges: INR 900 (approximately)


#Krishna Tara Comforts

Padmapuram Junction, Opp: Rajdhani Lodge,

Araku Valley, India 531151

Charges: INR 900 (approximately)


#Hotel Ushasree Residency

Sri Laxmi Plaza, Srungavarapu Kota,

30 Kms from Borra Caves, On Araku Road

Araku Valley, India 535145

Charges: INR 600 (approximately)

The blend of waterfalls, tribal lifestyle, dense woods, beautiful gardens and elevated knolls make Araku valley a favourite hill station for travellers near Vizag. With its enticing hillock and overwhelming environs, Araku valley turns more inspiring to the adventure lovers. So make sure to explore this beautiful hill station in the state of Andhra Pradesh and take home some unforgettable reminiscences after the retreat.

Happy Travelling!!


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