Assam food

Assam for food lovers

What to eat in Assam?

While visiting Assam, try out various dishes and enjoy the culinary experience of the hilly state.

Assam’s staple diet is rice with fish and meat dishes. Many varieties of rice are produced and variously prepared here; like Cheera (flattened rice), muri(puffed rice), akhoi (parched paddy grain), pithguri (pound rice), sandoh guri (fried, pound rice), komal saul and bora saul.

Try the fish curry made in the region, which is prepared as a sour dish called machor tenga. Baked or steamed fish wrapped in plantain leaves with white mustard paste is a popular delicacy called patot diya, ‘pat’ meaning leaf in Assamese. Meat preparations include mutton, duck and pigeon fowl, regularly eaten by the people and the tribals there.

Though Assamese dishes are less spicy than any other Indian dishes, they are very rich in taste and health. Assamese cuisine is very versatile. There are dozens of Khar and Tenga preparations which tourists can try. Assamese cuisine is generally low in oil content and spices, barring a few special dishes, but exotic herbs often impart strong flavour.

The varied dishes served in the north – east is sure to satisfy the culinary lovers.

Assam food

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