haridwar har ki pauri

A Visit to Haridwar

It is also konwn as the “Gateway to God”. This is one of the most famous Hindu Holy places in India, a centre of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries. This place is located on the banks of River Ganges (Ganga) at the point where the Ganges descends from the hills to the North Indian plains. It is a place which attracts large amount of Hindu pilgrims from all over the world. The pure and clean water of Ganga is very refreshing.

Main Attractions in Haridwar are

Mansa Devi Temple: From this temple, a clear view of River Ganga and the plains of Haridwar is seen. Tourists must visit this place. It magnifies the holy tradition of Haridwar.

mansa devi temple

Mansa Devi Temple

Chandi Devi Temple: This temple is dedicated to the goddess Chandi Devi. During Navratra, many people visit the temple to seek the blessings of the goddess Chandi Devi.

Bharat Mata Temple: This place is a religious shrine. It is located in Sapt sarovar near Ashram at Haridwar. It is the most unique place to visit here. There is a different story to each floor of this temple. Visitors must visit this place.

Maya Devi Temple: This temple is of great significance in the history of Haridwar. Without visiting this place, journey to Haridwar is incomplete. It is the belief of Hindus that Devi Sati burnt herself in order to take revenge from Lord Shiva as he has insulted her father.

Bikeshwar Mahadev Temple: This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a famous tourist spot. This place is enjoyable for every age group from young ones to elder ones.

Jain Temple: This temple is a famous place in Haridwar. It is beautifully constructed to make it look like one of the best place in Haridwar.

Most popular place in Haridwar is the “Kumbh Mela”. This mela held once in every 12 years. Many festivals are celebrated during this period.

Another famous mela is “Kanwar Mela” which is devoted to Lord Shiva, Kartik Poornima, Ganga Dussehra, Somwati, and Baisakhi.

Another tourist attraction is “Harki Pauri Ghat”. The magical Ganga Aarti(prayer) held at around 6-7 pm is held here everyday. Shops in Haridwar have some interesting things to offer to the tourists. The main shopping centers are Moti bazaar, upper road, Jwalapur and Kankhal.

Harki Pauri Ghat

Harki Pauri Ghat

The food served in Haridwar is mostly vegetarian, and alcohol is banned. In Haridwar, auto rickshaw is a good option for getting around. Plenty of Dharamshalas are also available in Haridwar. A cluster of new modern hotels has sprung up in Bhopatwala, some 5 km North of the city center.

A very famous food outlet of Haridwar is “chotiwala”. It is the best food outlet in Haridwar. Another popular spot in Haridwar is ‘Rajaji National Park’. Boasting of natural beauty, the National Park is 10 kilometer from Haridwar. Best time to visit Haridwar is from October-March, as in summers Haridwar gets really hot.

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