auli resort

 Auli – An Amazing Snow Ski Location in India

Auli is a ski destination on the slope of the Himalayan Mountains located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Its elevation means that it is the perfect destination for skiers as well as for sightseers. The place is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests and offers a dream view of the Himalayas.


It is an ideal location for both professional as well as novice skier. The surrounding forests break the high speed winds common with such slopes thus helping in making the experience more enjoyable. It is served by the longest cable car in India (4 km long) as well as chair lifts and ski-lifts. Such facilities help the tourist explore the region with unique and unsurpassed experience. For beginner skiers, there is a training facility at the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Post. In addition to the security purpose for the Indian border, it also provides emergency services and medical services as well.

For a normal tourist, Auli is home to the world’s highest man-made lake. It’s a project meant to help in creating of artificial snow during the low snow fall season and this is essential in extending the ski season. The trekking route also gives one to enjoy the view of the tallest mountain range in the world. Auli is surrounded by the Mana, Kamet and Nanda Devi peaks of the Himalayas. The sunset brings out magical colors on the snow clad mountains and the serenity of the area makes it perfect for meditation.

Auli is accessible through air, train and road, though the most popular way to get there is by the aforementioned cable car. Sadly, this is a location mainly for skiing and nature lovers. For shoppers, they may have to go to Joshimath, 13 km away, or to Dehradun, the capital city of Uttaranchal. The government runs a small café for coffee, tea and some snacks. There is no shortage of luxurious or/and affordable hotels around as well as alpine cottages and log huts.

Auli Lake

auli lake

With such an ideal location as Auli, it is only a matter of time before people in India become more interested in skiing and the whole world turns to India as a skiing destination. The month of February is the best time of the year to go see the hottest location in the coldest part of India.


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