Mughal Garden

Best Time to Visit Mughal Garden in India

Located in the National Capital Region of India, New Delhi, the Mughal Gardens are situated on Church Road in South Delhi. The Gardens are 12 kilometers from the airport and due to the extraordinary transport system of the city, the Gardens are easily accessible. Built by the Mughal emperor Babur and later improvised by Sir Edwin Lutyens, this partly Persian and partly British style garden is home to more than 23 different varieties of roses, 13 kinds of marigold and 60 types of bougainvillea flowers along with several other rare species.Mughal-Garden-Delhi

The Garden is open when it looks the prettiest in the months of February and March. Most of the flowers bloom during this time of the year, the season of Spring in India. The Mughal Gardens are open all days of the week from 9:00 AM except Monday. It takes about 1 to 4 hours to tour the entire garden. Entry is free of cost but Mobile phones, camera and electronics are not allowed in the premises of the Garden due to security issues.

The best thing one can do at the Mughal Gardens is to stroll around the entire area of about 13 acres. The garden is divided into 4 square grids with 6 extraordinary lotus-shaped fountains at the intersections of the stretching canals along the entire garden. One can sit on the lush green lawns and cherish the view around. The area outside the garden is flooded with restaurants. From multi-cuisine to Continental to Chinese, different kinds of cuisines are easily available. To experience the culture of India, it is suggested that one may try the North Indian cuisine and special foods native to Delhi which also include street food. A tour to the famous Mughal Gardens is a must for any tourist visiting Delhi.

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