cherrapunjee cave

Cherrapunjee Tourist Place in India

Cherrapunjee is a most famous tourist place the major caves in the Khasi Hills are located in Cherrapunjee. Khasi Hills is a very beautiful and attractive place for tourist there are located many different and beautiful caves.


cherrapunjee cave1

Cherrapunjee Cave Enter

The main entrance of this famous cave at the bottom of the western flank of Lum Lawbah. Tourist can found easily main entrance of the caves that follow by the revwer Mawmluh Cherra Cements Limited, downstream for about 200 metres to a point where the river disappears underground.


Krem Dam.

cherrapunjee cave2

Cherrapunjee Cave

A sizeable stream running down the valley entire the cave. Krem Dam is a very famous cave in cherrapunjee caves. The krem Dam measuring some 40 m across, lies at the foot a large blind valley approximately one kilo-meter to the east village.


Krem Lymput

cherrapunjee cave3

Cherrapunjee Cave

The cave lies about 6 km. from the village of Nongjri. The inconspicuous entrance hidden in the jungle covered boulders reveals itself by the cool air it blows. It is another beautiful and rather easy cave for any tourist.


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