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Cherrapunji Travel Guide

A famous town in the Indian state of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is a town located high above misty valleys, foaming rivers and swirling clouds. There are various things to do in Cherrapunji such as sight-seeing and enjoying all that the great hotels and resorts in the area have to offer.

Mawsmai Falls Cherrapunji

Mawsmai Falls

The main attractions of Cherrapunji are:

· Mawsmai Falls

Cherrapunji is home to Mawsmai falls which are spectacular and cascade 1,035 feet high, something that makes them the fourth highest waterfalls in India.

· Underground Passages

Khasi Monoliths

Khasi Monoliths

There is also an interesting labyrinth of numerous underground passages that can be found beneath ancient caves. This makes an interesting place for tourists who love exploring.

· Khasi Monoliths

These are stones put up by the khasi clan members in memory of their revered ancestors. These stones dot the landscape and make quite a great sight.

· Memorable Views

There is not even a single month when it doesn’t rain in Cherrapunji, but despite this, there is still room for sunshine. When the clouds drift away after heavy rains, the sunshine streams through and warms the landscape. With the sunshine in place and the clouds at bay, you can see great views of the landscape and it is even possible to see as far as Bangladesh.

· The Plant Life

Despite being a wet area,  Cherrapunji lacks the lush green vegetation that is expected. Instead, the land is dotted with patches of dense woods and ample variety of flora which will take away the breath of any observer. There are rare orchids, ferns and many other forms of plant life which will impress both botanists and non-botanists. Try out the oranges and pineapples that grow in the area – they taste heavenly and you won’t find that taste anywhere in the world.

Sight Seeing at Cherrapunji

Where to Stay:

Cherrapunji boasts of several private hotels that offer comfort and world class service such as the Dak Bungalow, Circuit House, Nongriat guest house, Saimika park and Cherrapunji holiday resort. Delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are also served at Avron restaurant which is a renowned food outlet in Cherrapunji. It is located opposite the metro-logical office.



Best Time to Visit:

Cherrapunji has one season which is the monsoon. There is really no month when it doesn’t rain, however this should not discourage you because the rain often falls during the night therefore doesn’t disrupt any daytime activities.

What to Bring Along:

Bring along lots of warm clothing that is rain-appropriate. Also carry a good camera because there are many beautiful sights that you will want to preserve and remember again when you get back home. Cherrapunji is a wonderful destination to visit.

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