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Delhi Zoo (“Chidiya-Ghar”)

Delhi Zoo (“Chidiya-Ghar”) is one of the most interesting and beautiful picnic spots in the town and People, tourist can be visited any time around the year. Delhi Zoo, also known as the National Zoological Park of Delhi, that is one of the most popular Tourist Destinations in New Delhi. Zoo is located adjacent to the Purana Qila. The National Zoological Park is established in 1959, that spread across 176 acres of land Delhi. It was built after the Indian Board for Wildlife felt the need of having a Zoo in the capital as recreational facility for the people.

The park was formally inaugurated by Mr. Punjab Rao, Honorable Minister of the Government of India and was initially called the Delhi Zoo. It was in 1982 that the park was given National status and came to be known as The National Zoological Park. Many of the state governments and individuals expressed their delight by sending gifts of animals for the park.


Who can forget visiting the super-fascinating “Chidiya-Ghar” during the childhood? It is an undeniable fact that kids love animals and zoo is a place that is adored by everyone. Almost every Delhi is visited the National Zoological Park or “zoo”, at least once in a lifetime. Zoo is one of the most interesting picnic spots in the town and can be visited any time around the year. Though an artificial habitat, Delhi Zoo has made sufficient arrangements for the survival of animals.

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Delhi Zoo have number of variety of the animals and birds, like Leopard cat, Indian Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Black Buck, Indian Gazelle and Lion-tailed macaque are some of the commonly found animals here. It also has nearly all varieties of deer like, Fallow Deer, Peafowl, Emu, Macaque, Banteng, Hog Deer and so on. Don’t miss the white tiger from Rewa, the elephant which plays a harmonica and the leopards. The zoo is home to many species now endangered in India. Several species of migratory birds have made this spot their favourite haunting ground. Winter is the time when the winged visitors including, storks, ducks and other species throng the large lake at the entrance of Delhi zoo.

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