Diwali: A Festival like No Other

Diwali marks the triumph of good over evil. There is no festival in India that is celebrated with so much fervor like Diwali. It is also the coming together of various cultures and sects of societies to celebrate the festive season. Though Diwali is called the festival of lights but it is not just about candles, firecrackers and lamps. It is also about the irresistible flavors of appetizing sweets which are exchanged by friends and relatives during the festivities.

India – The Sweet Land
Traditionally, Indians have always had a sweet tooth. This is evident from the thousands of shops across the country which sell different varieties of sweets throughout the year. This is also because of the fact that there are many festivals celebrated in India. Sweets are not just a symbol of food in India but are also considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity. That is why they make the perfect Diwali gift.

Diwali Special
When you walk into any home during Diwali, the first thing you will be served is a sweet.  And for the foodies, there are plenty of sweets to be enjoyed during this time of the year. Here are some of the famous delectable sweets that you can find during Diwali.


Gulab Jamun 
Succulent fried dough balls made of milk powder doused in sugar syrup, Gulab Jamun is a hit among-st various Indian households, particularly during Diwali.

Another popular dish, these are fried sweet patties made of flour stuffed with dry fruits, semolina and grated coconut. You will see plenty of people exchanging Gujiyas during Diwali.

An absolute must-have, Phirni is a sweet and creamy pudding made from ground rice and is extremely popular in North India. It is served along with a topping of various dry fruits.

Moong Dal Halwa
A classic during Diwali festivities, the moong dal halwa is made from lentils cooked in a rich layer of ghee, butter and sugar. An absolute must-have during Diwali.

Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu 
Motichoor Laddu are gram flour balls rolled up with a soft texture that literally melt when you put them in your mouth. It is a wholesome experience as you will get the fresh flavors of gram flour, ghee and sugar in a rare combination.

Sweet End 
Though in modern times, sweets are being replaced by chocolates and dry fruits but no Diwali is complete without traditional Indian sweets. So, this Diwali do try some of these great recipes and make your celebrations truly memorable with plenty of sweet memories with your friends and family.

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