Goa Tourism

Dream About Pristine Beaches? Travel to the Beautiful State of Goa

Goa is one of India’s premier holiday destinations.With its beautiful swinging palm trees, white sands and sparkling waters, Goa has been a must visit place for holidaymakers. More than 2 million tourists visit Goa annually and enjoy the culture there. This state was initially a solitary Portuguese outpost in India for almost 500 years. The colonial remnants can still be seen here.The exquisite architecture and the exotic cuisine of East meets West are things which are not be missed.

Augustine Tower Goa

The laid-back and care free attitude is something you won’t see anywhere. Here in Goa, a herd of water buffaloes and a lily flower covered lake will mesmerize and entertain you. Do try the Feni drink, an alcoholic brew native to Goa. Also for food lovers, the cuisine with the hint of coconut milk, palm vinegar and chillies will satisfy the taste-buds of the average foodie.

With its picturesque rural scenery, hire a scooty and explore every nook and corner of the state. Wander around in the vanilla-scented spice plantations or stroll the bird filled banks of the rivers. Explore the rich architectural history and enjoy the local cuisine. There is something for every tourist visiting here.

Panjim Market in Goa

Since fish is the staple diet of the state, there are various fish shacks bordered on the coast. Run by people of various nationalities, gorging on crabs and lobsters by the side of the sea is something not to be missed.

With its tropical climate, Goa is a tourist destination for all seasons. Goan cities are impressively individual.The capital, Panjim or Panaji,is unique among many cities. Filled with colonial architecture, the city is known for its vibrancy. Visit the city during the Goa carnival festival.

Temperature : Summer: 33-26 C

Winter: 31 -20C

Season: Tropical monsoon throughout the year

Languages spoken : English, Konkani, Hindi, Marathi

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