Eco-Tourism-in India

Eco Tourism in India

Eco-Tourism is a special kind of tourism that encompasses an array of activities. Ecotourism involves visiting a place to view the natural habitat including plants, animals and the culture of the inhabitants. The activity is usually carried out by environmentalists or biologists for the purpose of promoting environmental and cultural conservation among other things. The places visited have unique and fragile natural inhabitants that are normally at the risk of extinction. The exercise is therefore done to ensure that policies and measures can be put in place to preserve these indigenous features for the future generations to enjoy as well.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Eco-Tourism

In order to ensure the measures put in place with regard to preservation of indigenous features are adhered to; following basic rules need to be always followed while on Eco-tourism travel.

The Do’s;

  • Have respect for sacred sites like the local shrines or sanctuaries.
  • Have respect for human privacy. That applies to instances where one needs to takes pictures or capture a video.
  • Always cover up any temporarily dug toilet while camping. The toilet should be dug approximately 30 m away from any water source.
  • Minimize noise pollution.
  • Bring back with you any non-decomposable waste like bottles and paper bags.

    Garhwal, India

    Garhwal, India

The Don’ts

  • Do not bury non-decomposable waste in such environments.
  • Avoid lighting up fire while on camp or dropping cigarette.
  • Avoid applying the use of firewood while camping to cook.
  • Use of detergents for taking bath or washing clothes on wells, springs or river is prohibited as it pollutes such environs.
  • Do not cut any flora to take with you fauna from your Eco-tourism travel. In some parts of the world, like Himalayas, it is considered illegal and can bring you a lot of problems with the law there.
  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks and throwing the used bottles everywhere.
  • Avoid enticing the natives of these localities with food or candies. Generally, have respect for their way of life and culture.

Places in India for Eco-tourism

Garhwal is one place you need to visit. The place is thriving with plenty of natural resources in terms of exotic wide range of flora which are vivid all around its borders. This place is ideal for environmentalist as well as nature enthusiasts. On the other hand, Goa is well enriched with exotic birds’ variety as well as animals. Wildlife parks like the Sattari and Sanguem are located in Goa. A tour to this place will definitely be the most memorable after viewing all the exotic fauna in Goa area.

Sikkim is home to both indigenous fauna and flora. One may not at first understand how a place such small can be so thriving with all those natural resources. But, a visit to Sikkim will change all that. The forest cover in this area is composed of figs, bamboos, laurel as well as the sal tree among others. Flowers like the orchids and hooheriana are very common here. For the fauna, it ranges from birds like kingfishers and woodpecker to animals like the wild ass, snow leopard, Himalayas black bear as well as leopards among others. The collection of butterflies found here is not only delightful to look at, but, exotic.

Indeed, India is one place where you will find nature and bio-diversity in its undisturbed state. You will definitely feast your eyes on the sceneries and enjoy your time.

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