Trip to Himalayan Treks

Enjoy your Himalayan Expedition by Trekking the Popular Glaciers in the Himalayas

Himalayas is one place that is on the list of must visit places of any individual who loves adventure. The land of Himalayas is beautifully carpeted with white snow making them an ideal destination for individuals, couples or groups looking forward to spend some time there.

The Himalayas is a great place for mountaineering, trekking and camping. Instead of settling to visit the populous attractions of the Himalayas, you can ask your guide to create an itinerary for you that includes a visit to the glaciers of Himalayas. If you are an adrenaline junkie then indulging in a glacier trekking adventure will give you an adrenaline rush and make your Himalayan expedition memorable.

The mighty Himalayan ranges have the best glacier treks in the world. Following is a list of three of the World’s top glacier treks located in the Himalayas.

  1. The Pindari Glacier Trek

The Pindari glacier, located in the Kumaon Himalayas, is one of the most breathtaking trekking trails in the world. The glacier is located at an elevation of about 3670 meters above sea level. The glacier is a magnificent vistas of spectacular peaks like the Panwalidwar, Nanda Kot, Nanda Kat and Changuch that make the trek even more enchanting.

Additionally, the Pindari glacier trek is home to exotic floral species. These include green trees of juniper, birth and fir, and the magnificent blossoms of  Rhododendron. The glacier is also known to be home to exotic fauna such as the Snow Leopard and the Himalayan Thar.

Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek

  1. The Gangotri Glacier Trek

Trekking on this glacier is highly advised as it will leave you feeling like a champion. The Gangotri glacier is among the jewels of the great Indian Himalayas. This precious glacier has its origin traced back to the northern slopes of the Chaukhamba ranges. The Gangotri glacier was formed from the amalgam of several glaciers. The crevices of this glacier is a must see. Picturing the vistas rendered by this glacier is one of those things that you wouldn’t want to miss. This glacier is also connected to the road that leads to the banks of the Bhagirathi River.

  1. The Milam Glacier Trek

One of the most enthralling trekking glacier of the Himalayan expedition, it is situated in the Northern Part of India. This trek is 54 kilometers long and it ascends up to 3870 meters above the sea level. The trek passes through bare and forested alpine terrain. Trekking this glacier will afford you a rare opportunity of meeting the locals as they move up and down the glacier.

Don’t miss out on the great experience of trekking these popular Himalayan glaciers. Plan with your tour guide to organize at least one trek to any of these glaciers during your next Himalayan expedition.

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