To keep an eye on the Indian construction event, visit ET ACETECH. The exhibition organized by Economic Times will focus on the recent developments of the construction  industry, including displaying machines being used and showcasing the use of advanced technology in the field.

Traders and business people from around the world will focus on business networking and entrepreneurs can avail the chance to meet clients face to face. New business dealings and new projects can be undertaken.

This is an important exhibition which will help take a foothold, especially people who want to invest in the construction industry.

The exhibition will  also have a mock studio, design wall, home accessories and lighting forum.

Business people interested in the promotion of green building technology can also come and interact with the exhibitors.

This three-day event invites material suppliers, vehicle operators, designers, architects and marketing professionals.

Highlights of ET ACETECH:

  • Business networking
  • Product display and promotion
  • Discussion on the possible developments of the construction industry in future
  • Visitors can meet representatives of the major players in the field

Displays will include modular kitchen set, lifestyle furniture, fire safety equipments and water technologies

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