weekend destinations within 200Kms from Mumbai

Explore 5 off-beat weekend destinations within 200 Kms from Mumbai

The essence of becoming a storyteller from an avid traveller can only be felt when someone get to explore the least visited destinations by leaving their monotony apart. In this standpoint, it was rightly quoted by the famous Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta, “Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Life in India’s one of the largest metropolitan, Mumbai is quite bustling. It is said that the city never sleeps and with droning lifestyle around the city, it is always invigorating to visit and explore some of the off-beat weekend destinations near Mumbai. This is what adds some spices on the bustling existence of Mumbaikars. In this post we bring five off-beat weekend destinations for you that are located within 200Kms from Mumbai:

1. Location: Kamshet (Approximately 110Kms from Mumbai)

The place is more into notice cause of its paragliding and trekking exposures for adventure enthusiasts. Besides its audacious attractions, the scenic grandeur of Kamshet is worth witnessing. The presence of quaint hamlets with mud thatched cottages in the midst of natural magnificence adds pastoral charm to this off-beat weekend getaway. The place is evenly enchanting for several century old caves like Bhaja caves, Bedsa caves and Karla.

Getting there: For railway commuters, there is a rail station in Kamshet. Additionally, one can also hire a cab or board into a private and State Transport from Mumbai to reach Kamshet in nearly 2 hours. Kamshet is adjacent to Lonavala located in a distance of 16Kms from the destination.

2. Location: Jawhar (Approximately 180Kms from Mumbai)

Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadris, Jawhar is reckoned amongst one of the captivating offbeat destinations near Mumbai. If you are looking for a soothing getaway from Mumbai, Jawhar is the destination that you should head towards. Delimited by the mountains range, Jawhar is popular for its erstwhile tribal realm, lush green environs, animated cascade, architecture of Shirpamal palace and eminent Warli tribal art.

Getting there: Bus service is there from Mumbai to reach Jawhar by road. In addition, you can hire a cab/taxi to reach Jawhar via Kasara-Khodala. If you plan to get there by train, get into a train till Nasik (80Kms) or Igatpuri (61Kms) and from there Jawhar is very close by to reach by car.

3. Location: Igatpuri (Approximately 120Kms from Mumbai)

Surrounded by breath-taking vales, Igatpuri is an abode to the popular Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre, which is frequented by plenty of domestic as well as international tourists. The best time to reveal the finest of Igatpuri is from June to September and November to March. Some of the key attractions that you should explore when in Igatpuri are Camel valley, Kalsubai peak, Tringalwadi Fort, Arthur Lake, Bhatsa river valley and Amruteshwar Temple. Besides, the place is an absolute paradise for hiking and trekking activities. Located in tranquil environs and far away from city’s hustle-bustle, visiting Dhamma Giri Mediation Centre can be the best way to perk up your tiredness.

Getting there: By train, Igatpuri is nearly 2 hours 40 minutes away from Mumbai. There are several trains on this route some of which include; Mahanagari Express, Gitanjali Express, Mumbai CST  Tapovan Express and Ltt Nagpur Spl. In addition, one can also reach Igatpuri from Mumbai by road. Buses and private vehicles are available from Mumbai to reach Igatpuri conveniently.

4. Location: Diveagar Srivardhan and Harihareshwar (Approximately 190Kms from Mumbai)

Located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Diveagar, Srivardhan and Harihareshwar (Dakshin Kashi) are the famous off-beat destinations located within 200Kms reach from Mumbai. Harihareshwar is known for its religious shrine devoted to Lord Shiva. Diveagar on the other hand is renowned for its pristine seashores and tranquil ambience. And Srivardhan is eminent for its historic existence since the time of Peshwas. There is a spectacular “pradakshina” route around Diveagar- Srivardhan through the rocks at Harihareshwar where, turtles and Dolphins can be spotted. The destination is also famous for delicious seafood.

Getting there: For railway commuters, the nearest railhead is Mangaon, which is located approximately 40Kms away from Diveagar. For road journey, bus service is there for Diveagar. From Diveagar, the distance to reach Srivardhan and Harihareshwar is nearly 22Kms and 36Kms respectively, which can be travelled by car as well.

5. Location: Sandhan Valley (Approximately 184Kms from Mumbai)

Popular as the “Valley of Shadows”, Sandhan Valley is one of the greatest canyons at the Sahyadri Western Ghats. If trekking leads the chart of your weekend excursion, Sandhan Valley is certainly going to be the place of your interest. The place is known for its varied exposures in camping and trekking. Hence, when in Sandhan Valley, make sure you don’t skip the thrill of moonlight camping, hanging camp and rappelling, the key attractions for adventure buffs. The trekking trails at this site are quite exigent for the beginners. Besides, the eye-catching natural affluence of the destination makes you visit this site time and again.

Getting there: One can board at any Kasara bound train from the Central Railway, which takes nearly 2 hours and 35 minutes to get there in Kasara. From Kasara, one can easily hire a car or get into a Jeep to travel further. The distance between Kasara and Sandhan Valley is approximately 80Kms, which takes 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination. Additionally, travellers can also hire private vehicles or bus from Igatpuri to reach Sandhan Valley.

So let this weekend be more energizing by exploring these off-beat destinations near Mumbai. Don’t forget to share your experience with others as a good storyteller.


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