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Explore the relics of ancient Alamparai Fort near Chennai

Located nearly 111Kms aloof from Chennai near Kadappakkam village, one of the gloomy yet alluring forts with vibes of magnificence is Alamparai Fort, which was named in the Berlin’s International Tourism Fair as one of the least explored tourist pullers in Tamil Nadu under the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). Besides, there are many such interesting and lesser known facts about this fortification that can best be revealed when you get there in person.

Plunging back to the history of its existence, Alamparai Fort was constructed somewhere between 1736 and 1740 AD during the Mughal epoch. It is also said that earlier the fort used to have different names such as; Alampuravi, Idaikazhinadu and Alamparva. The fort was earlier ruled by Nawab Doste Ali Khan, but since French lost the Carnatic war against the British, they (British) started taking control over the fort. Despite of its vestige existence, the fort still manages to entice plenty of tourists from all across the sphere.

A stroll across the vintage citadel will leave you sheer amazed. The more you get into the exploration; you will find startling traces of life in various forms of creeping leaves, trees, lush bush, bits and pieces of aged ramparts and shrubs. Ranging from breathtaking backdrop to picturesque environs, the site is laid out with so much to spellbind many visitors. Besides known for its age old relics, the Alamparai Fort is also an abode to many TV commercials and movies.

Once used to serve as a sea port, today the garrison is an irresistible site for many. Sprawled with an area of nearly 15 acres, the fort was built with sandstone and bricks. Anyone in quest of a short outing near Chennai, Alamparai Fort could be an absolute thrilling! Though, the site is open all round the clock for visitors, but the preferred time to get there is during the day time. However, a decent crowed can be witnessed between November and March when the ambience around the location turns absolutely favourable for visitors. If you enjoy capturing the moments you cherish, don’t forget to carry your camera.  

The site can be reached with no fuss from Chennai via East Coast Road. There are several local buses and cars that you can get from Thiruvanmiyur. For travellers outside Chennai, the airport and railway station are not that far. So, one can hire a cab to reach Alamparai Fort conveniently.

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