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Five Interesting Places to See in Pulicat

Located nearly 60Kms away from Chennai on the Coromandel Coast, Pulicat is reckoned as the second largest lagoon in India after Chilika Lake of Odisha. Presence of Dutch cemetery, bird sanctuary and Pulicat seashore makes this tiny destination an absolute paradise for visitors. However, the historic tale of the location doesn’t confine it to the colonialism alone. There are several cultural significances as well that are associated with this location, which were established here way back by the British and the Portuguese. Hence, an excursion in Pulicat may leave a visitor entirely spellbound. So when in Pulicat, make sure to explore the following leading attractions in the tiny seashore town:

Pulicat Lake

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Pulicat Lake

Separated by the rocket launching centre of Sriharikota, Pulicat Lake is one of the leading attractions in the city. The second largest brackish water lake in India has ample of breath-taking vistas to behold. The scenic splendour of Pulicat is also known for boasting a famous bird sanctuary, which pulls here plenty of local, national and international visitors. Formerly known as Palaverkaadu Eri, Pulicat Lake can best be explored during the Flamingo Festival (mid-December to start of January) when, various cultural programs and thrilling activities are performed near the lake with great gusto. The sparking fiesta of this lake lasts here for three days filled-up with electrifying music, dance, angling, boating and other aquatic sport activities. There is one lighthouse located on the opposite bank of the Lake, which is also an interesting site to explore. So it’s time now to resume your passion for festival and escapade in Pulicat Lake.

Dutch Cemetery

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Pulicat Dutch Cemetery

Entering to a burial ground is always exciting! The Dutch cemetery in Pulicat is one such exciting place in the region that one must explore. Surrounded by the ruins of the Dutch architecture and skeleton engraved tombs, this centuries old site was setup in 1657 depicting the concept of life and death. A blend of some broken walls and ruined Chola temple next to the cemetery leaves one completely enthralled in Pulicat. If you want to explore any off-beat locations in Pulicat, look no further than the Dutch Cemetery here.

Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

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Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

The scenic exquisiteness of Pulicat with galore of rare species of migrated birds make this destination a favourite destination for birding. From October to March, Pulicat Bird Sanctuary turns to an absolute paradise for photographers and bird watchers, when thousands of visitors flock here from different parts of the sphere to explore the rich variety of birds. Some of the commonly viewed birds near the marshy region of the lake include painted storks, herons, flamingos, cranes and ducks. Don’t forget to carry your camera when in Pulicat Bird Sanctuary.

Dutch Church

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Dutch Church in Pulicat

The tiny seashore town of Pulicat has an ancient church located in the region. Having said the existence of Dutch culture, the Dutch Church is a significant site to visit when in Pulicat. It is believed that the cemetery of the church was built in 1657, which depicts the architectural grandeur of the Dutch inhabitants. Over the periods, the church has undergone several renovations to sustain its age old significance in the region. The Dutch Church of Pulicat is an antique memorial that attests to the glory of Dutch supremacy. Every year, plenty of tourists visit here from all over the country.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

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Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

Located in Nellore district, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is one more interesting birding destination in and around Pulicat (20Kms), which was incorporated in 1976. A blend of Barringtonia acutangula tree and fresh water tank around the location make this Sanctuary a worth visiting destination. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is an abode to several species of birds that include waders, egrets, ducks and tern. Besides, one can also explore various mammals like tortoise, jackals and loris in the sanctuary.

In addition, one can also visit two more interesting sites Chintamaneeswarar Temple and Periya Pallivasal when in Pulicat.

Getting there

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After exploring the key attractions and popular destinations of Pulicat, let’s find the major modes of commutation to reach there:

By Air: The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport, which is well-connected to several domestic and international destinations by air. Chennai is located nearly 60Kms from Pulicat. Hence, getting there from the airport is not a hassle. One can hire a cab from the airport area to reach Pulicat conveniently.

By Train: Being located adjacent to Chennai, the nearest railhead is Chennai. There are three railway stations in Chennai making the city easily reachable for visitors from various destinations. Hence, anyone planning a trip to Pulicat by train, can book ticket till Chennai and travel further by taxi or cab. There are several trains that ply between Chennai and Pulicat. Some of the trains in this list include Yercaud Express, Chennai Mail, Trl Mas Local, Chennai Mail Express and Avd Mas Local.

By Road: The distance between Chennai and Pulicat is well accessible by road. Several buses and private vehicles are there to reach Pulicat from Chennai. By car the distance between these two locations can be covered in 1 hour and 20 minutes (approximately) and by bus the distance can be travelled in maximum of 3 hours time. Three major bus stops to reach Pulicat are Periyamet, Periyamedu and Everest. By road the journey is quite delightful and one also can enjoy the scenic beauty on the go.

Places to stay:

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There are several budget and luxury hotels to stay in and around Pulicat. By paying something around INR 1500-INR2500, one can easily avail a decent accommodation near the destination.

Hotel in Pulicat

For your convenience, some of the nearby accommodations are listed as follows:

#Hotel Mala

SH 104, Pulicat, Tamil Nadu 601205

#Seasons Inn

Police Office Road, Nellore, India 524003

#Hotel Athidhi Grand

Police Office Road, Dargamitta, Nellore, India 524003

#Pavani Residency

Near Rtc Bus Stand, Besides District Court Spsr, Nellore India 524003


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