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Hawai Adda: Take off with the first aeroplane restaurant in Ludhiana

Delimited by prehistoric forts, amusement parks on one side and number of holy shrines and majestic Gurudwaras on the other, Ludhiana is one of the spectacular attractions in the state of Punjab. Keeping aside its mysticism anecdote, Ludhiana has been the buzz of late. The reason being, India’s first aeroplane restaurant called Hawai Adda has been established here.

Hawai Adda decor

The Inside story of Hawai Adda:

Just imagine an array of delectable platters inside an airplane, and that too on a plane surface! Sounds astounding, isn’t it? Sited at the Verka Milk Bar premises on Ferozepur, this is no further an imagination. Big thanks to the Ludhiana-based entrepreneur for executing this imagination into reality.

The journey of Hawai Adda was full of snags so far. Initially the plane was meant for ornamental purposes. However, it was decided later to skip this idea and transform the aircraft into a restaurant. Accordingly, the project of Hawai Adda was incorporated.

Outer viewBefore making this inimitable aeroplane restaurant available for public, the project has gone through some serious spats with Municipal Corporation. After much controversy and impediment, the project has cleared all the legal checks in Ludhiana, and finally the project was approved without any objection. Today, the multi-cuisine restaurant Hawai Adda is permanently parked for public appearance and plenty of visitors are reported to flock here from various parts of the city. In coming days, many other eateries like Hawai Adda are projected to be established in other cities of Punjab.

The Decor:

What pulls plenty of spectators here on day-to-day basis is the shape and decor of the restaurant. Hawai Adda is basically a transformation of a scrap Airbus A320, which earlier used to fly for Air India. Originally, an A320 is a 180-seater airplane. However, in order to utilise the space of entire premises, the seating capacity of Hawai Adda was reduced to 65. Four trucks were involved in carrying this vacant Airbus from Delhi. Besides, while designing the interior of this restaurant much effort was brought into practice. Various adroit engineers were engaged into this project, and it took nearly four months to complete the entire decor of Hawai Adda.

The beautiful interior of hawai adda restaurant

Once you enter the immobile flight, its inner exquisiteness will simply blow your mind. Not only this, the colourful decor and lush green lawn area will fly your presence to a different feat of delight. Furthermore, the overall ambience of Hawai Adda feels you the same that a traveller experiences at high elevation. Though, the seating arrangement inside the scrap plane is quite different. The seats are positioned around the tables. Besides, the presence of circular windows and passageway will add more excitement to your visit.

The Wings of Hawai Adda:

Parked amidst a spacious lawn, the complex of this majestic aircraft restaurant boasts a blend of cafe, bakery and a small banquet hall for visitors. The restaurant also hosts various parties on special occasions like New Year and Christmas. For pure vegetarians and restaurant goers, Hawai Adda is lia new airport in Ludhiana that one can’t miss. Probably this is why travellers flock here with their families and friends from different cities.

Takeoff view

The restaurant is famed for pure vegetarians, and it serves various North Indian as well as Continental cuisines. Keeping in mind the food taste of Punjab and local footfalls, a choice of Punjabi platters are also being included in the menu. The prices here are also quite pocket-friendly that ranges between INR 400 to INR 800. Additionally, Hawai Adda also houses a cafeteria, where you can have an energizing sip of hot coffee.

How to Go:

Presence of various shrines, historic monuments and many other popular sites pull plenty of visitors to Ludhiana throughout the year. Hence, reaching Ludhiana is not a matter of constraint for travellers. You can visit this commercial hub of the state Punjab through any of the following modes of transportation:

By Air: The nearest airport is Sahnewal Airport, which is located 5Kms away from Ludhiana Bus Stand on Ludhiana-Ambala road. Though, due to some navigational pitfalls this airport is not always operational. Hence, the better option is Chandigarh Airport, which is situated around 100Kms away from Ludhiana. One more option is Amritsar Airport is around 153Kms away from Ludhiana. These airports are well-connected to several parts of India. From airport premises, you can easily hire a taxi or cab to travel further. In addition, buses are also available from Amritsar and Chandigarh.

By Train: The railway connectivity between Ludhiana and other major cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Lucknow, and Chandigarh is excellent. In addition, travellers can also visit here from the places like Chennai and Pune. From Ludhiana Railway Junction, various taxi and cabs are available to travel further in the city.

Ludhiana Railway Junction

By Road: If you love to travel by road and explore the natural surroundings on the go, road journey is the best mode of commutation for you. From some of the adjoining locations like Chandigarh, Delhi and Amritsar, regular bus service is there to reach Ludhiana. From Delhi, by road distance to reach Ludhiana is around 280Kms. It will take nearly 5 hours time to reach Ludhiana by road. On the other hand, if you are travelling from Chandigarh by road, the distance is 94Kms, which can be crossed in 2 hours. In addition, bus services are also available from the places like Rajasthan, Himachal and Jammu to reach Ludhiana.

Please to Stay:

Being an important city in Punjab, Ludhiana district is frequently visited by many travellers. In order to make their presence more relaxing, various luxury and budget hotels are established here from time-to-time. Most of these hotels here aim to fulfil the basic amenities of visitors with excellent hospitability.

Gulmor Hotel in Ludhiana

By spending INR 1500 to INR 5000, one can avail the following hotels in Ludhiana:

#Hotel City Home

Opp Sangla Shivala Mandir, Beside Sukh Sagar Dawakhana,

Trunk Vala Bazaar,Ludhiana

Ludhiana India 141007

#Hotel The Taksonz

Opposite Railway Station, Clock Tower Area,

Ludhiana, Punjab 141008, India

#Hotel Friends Regency

Opp Mini Secretariat, Ferozepur Road

Ludhiana India 141001

#City Heart Sarovar Portico

Badhor House, Near Clock Tower

Ludhiana India 141008

#Park Plaza Ludhiana

Po Box 333, Bhai Bala Chowk,

Ferozepur Road

Ludhiana India 141001

Nearby Locations:

If you happen to be in Ludhiana for a vacation, and want to visit some nearby attractions after exploring Hawai Adda, the city has various other interesting sites for you. Here are few more attractions in Ludhiana that you can visit:

Nehru Rose Garden: As the name suggests, this is a rose garden. Situated with an expanse of around 30 acres areas, Nehru Rose Garden houses an array of more than 1500 various roses. This garden was established in 1967, and famed as one of the largest rose gardens in Asia.

Hardy’s World Amusement Park: One of the key tourist pullers in Ludhiana is Hardy’s World Amusement Park. This park has no dearth of thrilling activities for you including water sports, exciting rides, ice-skating, artificial snowfall etc. In addition, the park also houses a blend of shopping complex, cafes, clubs and restaurants. Visiting Hardy’s World Amusement Park is thus contain full of fun, and it is one of the most enjoyable places for kids.

Tiger Safari Zoo, Amaltas: If you want to spend some thrilling moments amidst the wildlife, Tiger Safari Zoo is something that you must experience in Ludhiana. Located nearly 6Kms away from the city, the zoo is a perfect blend of jungle sightseeing, jungle safari and jungle trekking. In Tiger Safari Zoo, you can enjoy a close view of various animals like Sambhar and buck. In addition, it also offers you the views of some candid rabbits and colourful peacocks.

Jungle Tiger Safari

Lodhi Fort: Leaving Ludhiana without viewing the great Lodhi Fort is considered as an incomplete voyage. Constructed around 500 year back by Sikander Lodhi, this majestic Lodhi Fort carries its existence since Mughal period. Though, most portion of this ancient fort is ruins now, but tourists come to Lodhi Fort to witness the architectural relics of Mughal period, which is the pride of Ludhiana.

Lodhi Fort

Apart from visiting the above cited attractions in Ludhiana, you can also plan for exploring some other sites like Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Rara Sahib Gurudwara, Shivala Sangliwala Temple, Rural Museum etc.

So, if you are still thinking for exploring the first aircraft restaurant in Ludhiana, plan your next trip soon. Apart from experiencing an ambience of aircraft on the soil of Ludhiana, a blend of exciting rides, holy shrines and wild safari will certainly take off your flight to a new height of delight.

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