How to reach Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a landlocked state with a large number of small settlements in remote areas.

Road is the only means of transport for travelling throughout. The capital Shillong is relatively well connected. Most of the arrivals into the Meghalaya take place through Guwahati in neighbouring Assam, which is nearly 103 km away. Assam has a major railhead as well as an airport with regular train and air services to the rest of the country.

To reach the state of Meghalaya  you could either travel by plane or bus. There is only one airport within the state and that is Umroi Airport, roughly 25 km away from Shillong. Flights are available weekly form major Indian cities to Umroi. They could also take the road via Guwahati (3 hours), an urban sprawling city in Assam, where taxis, buses and private cabs are available, along with other means of modern transport. There is no direct train to the state of Meghalaya.

There are lots of place where you can stay with budgets for every traveller. After a gruelling travel and exploration of the state it is always nice to take a rest at one of upbeat hotels located in Shillong. Some recommended places are Ri Kynjai Resort, Hotel Alpine Continental,Lake View Inn, Hotel Micasa, Hotel Broadway, Hotel Pineborough, and Orchid Lake Resort. Backpackers can also use the awesome service at Baba Tourist Lodge.

Shillong Bypass Road



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