Hyper Expo 2015 Gandhi Nagar


Planning to start your business in India ? Thinking of expanding your business in the competitive yet burgeoning market of India.

Then, you should visit the HYPER EXPO 2015.

This event offers both B2B + B2C interface to explore business opportunities.

It will be held from 8-13 January 2015.

The event will showcase an array of products like Music Web sites, musical instruments, Mp3, CD sale, Digital Drive, Music systems, boom boxes, audio and musical accessories, earphones, head phones, home theaters, televisions, DTH, home p.c., laptops, fashion street, clothes, beauty and cosmetics, glasses, shoes, watches, gift wares, sports circle, costumes, sports shoe shops for different games, mobile square, mobile operators, cell phones, mobile accessories, laptops.

If you are a fan of Bollywood, then you will also see many products from Bollywood Bazaar, Bollywood Broadway, Movie Market.


8th – 13th Jan, 2015 

Mahatma Mandir



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