The Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore India

The Lalbagh garden (Glass house) is a most popular tourist and picnic place. It is very beautiful and attractive Palace. The garden has the large collection of the different types of flowers. The garden also has trees that are over 100 years old. The Lalbagh garden is Expand in a very large areas of city. 

Lalbagh garden1

Lalbagh garden



Open time :

Lalbagh open daily from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Entry fee for adults is Rs. 40/- (On weekends and Public holidays – Rs. 50/-) and for children below 12 years, Rs. 10/-.

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden, it situated in Bangalore India. The lalbagh garden is an original royal garden, It was stared by Hyder Ali but his son, Tipu Sultan, completed it. Hyder Ali is a famous ruler of Mysore in 1760.

Lalbagh garden

Lalbagh garden

The Lalbagh garden is a very famous and large garden of Bangalore City. It has a famous glass house which hosts an annual flower show. Lalbagh houses India’s largest collection of tropical plants, has an aquarium and a lake, and is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangalore. The Lalbagh garden is Expand in 45 acres areas.

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