Documents while travelling to India

List of Documents While Travelling to India

India has a huge inflow of foreign tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is necessary for tourists to carry some basic documents to have a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

It is best to keep copies of these documents with yourself and your friends back home. If, by any chance you lose the document, a copy of that document can be used to get a duplicate issued.

1. Passport 

The passport is the most important document for travelling across the country. Your passport should be valid until the duration of your stay in order to avoid unnecessary hassle with the officials.

If the passport gets expired, make sure to renew it as soon as possible. A passport legitimizes your country of origin and makes it easier to stay in hotels and travel freely.

2. Visa (Indian Visa)

A person visiting India has to have a valid visa, otherwise one would not be permitted to enter India. A person with an invalid visa is bound to be detained and sent back home. A visa is like an entry card to visit the country.

To know more about visa obtaining process, visit your local Indian embassy (India has embassies all over the world).

3. Identity Card 

Tourists should always carry a photo identity card with them as security could be stringent at many places.

You may be asked to prove your identity at the airport. In order to avoid any mishaps during your otherwise pleasant stay, make sure to  always carry a photo identity card with you.

For more details on how to obtain a visa and other travel related documents, go to :

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