Love the sea? Then you Must Visit These Places in India

India has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches.

If you’re a beach person, then this list of beaches are a must visit for you.

1. Palolem(Goa)



Palolem Beach in Goa is a must visit during your visit to India. Its pristine and mesmerizing tropical and sun kissed sand is the perfect place for relaxing and having fun.

Sit back and relax on a hammock with a tall, cool cocktail and sip as you watch the sun dip into the waters of the Arabian Sea.

2. Konkan Riviera (Maharashtra)

Starting a little before Ganpatipule and stopping before the turn-off to Ratnagiri, this beach is a beautiful place to be. Visit this place for its serenity and calm environment it offers.

3. Havelock( Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

The Island of Havelock offers a variety of activities, the best of which is scuba-diving and snorkeling. Discover the beautiful underwater life and enjoy the serene life there. Havelock is also one of the few places in the world where inexperienced divers can try out a single dive instead of signing up for the whole course.

Snorkeling is another good option for people who don’t want to dive. Also explore the rich history of the islands.


Lighthouse Beach

4. Oyster Rock Lighthouse, Karwar, Karnataka

It is truly a moment when you are standing at the Oyster Rock Lighthouse without anyone anywhere. Climb to the top of the preserved structure and see the magnificent sea before you. Soak in the air and enjoy the moment.

5. Kochi Beach( Kerala)

The seaside  town of Kochi has been drawing traders and explorers for the last 600 years. Visit the giant shores and see the fishermen at work. Explore the Portuguese houses and crumbling remains of the British Raj. The pavement that skirts Kochi Beach is great for an evening stroll, as the town slowly starts lighting up in the background

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