Ludhiana – A Perfect Blend of the Old and New

Ludhiana is the largest city in the Indian state of Punjab. It is popular among tourists because of its historical monuments and religious centres. It has a budding reputation of an upcoming cosmopolitan city with modern state-of-the-art buildings, now characteristic of the Ludhiana skyline which is home to multiplexes and malls. Such malls provide endless shopping experience to visiting tourists. This may be a result of the quality education institutions within the city, such as Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, world-renowned for producing some of the best engineering graduates in the world.

lodhi fort

Lodhi Fort

Lodhi Fort is a must-see historical monument for the tourists visiting Ludhiana. It is an antique fort built by King Sikander Kodhi five hundred years ago. The Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum is another interesting place to visit. It was constructed in 1990 to celebrate the victory of the Indian defense services. The Punjab Agricultural Industry also houses a historical museum that displays various arts, crafts and objects from ancient times.

For the nature lovers, Ludhiana boasts of the Nehru Rose Garden. It is home to over ten thousand plants including over fifteen hundred different species of roses. It is perfect for walks, exercising and the fountains provide a perfect environment for relaxation. The Rose Festival is held annually in this thirty acre garden to celebrate the rose plant.

The Tiger Zoo along GT Road is home to some of the majestic tigers for which India is well known. Visit the zoo to see different varieties of tigers moving freely in this protected jungle. There are also various malls and theme parks in the city such as Hardy’s World amusement park which offers joy rides, water sports, ice skating and an indoor snow city to the numerous tourists who visit every year. Ludhiana is also well known for its religious centres. These include the beautiful gurudwaras Alamgeer Sahib, and Rara Sahib among others which attract numerous Hindu and Muslim pilgrims.

Tiger Zoo Ludhiana

Ludhiana is well connected by air, train and road. One can also enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in the city with Khushi Ram & Sons being the most popular eatery around. Make sure to have Lassi which is the most authentic Punjabi drink on offer. There are many hotels serving all kinds of clientele, low budget to high budget, most of which are found near the railway station.

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